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Create or save edited instrument - string tunings

I am using MuseScore to convert folk tunes in notation to Tenor Banjo tab, adding a banjo tab stave then copying the notation stave to the tab stave - a great facility, very easy and convenient to use.

I have not found a ready made banjo setting that has strings tuned G,D,A,E in the MuseScore instrument list, so I have to edit each string each time I add a banjo tab stave. Can I save my string tuning to MuseScore as a new or edited instrument?

I have TOO many dances!

I have a HUGE spring show in a couple months. I have:
A hip hop Trio (4 minutes by madonna)
contemporary group (hold on by extreme music)
musical theater/tap group (seize the day from newsies)
contemporary duet (gravity)
jazz small group (all we got)
jazz solo(show me how you burlesque)
lyrical duet (titanium)
musical theater group (you can't stop the beat)
music theater production (footloose)


Still a lot of bugs in songbook!

- Transfer of musescore songs via Airdrop does not work as it used to before. As a workaround I have to use a USB-cable and iTunes for transfer of songs from Mac Os to IOS.
- Not all formerly transmitted songs don't shine up in songbook.
- In version 2.1.15 the mixer for switching instruments on or off and adjusting volumes doesn't show up. There is an empty white space.
- Hyphens and Underline in Lyrics look ugly as a bold black bar.

I'm still not able to use songbook in choir rehearsals as I used to do before the last big update was released. I'm very disappointed because I paid money for the features that are vanished now and are not yet reproduced!


qaStaH nuq? There is a question that has been on the minds of Star Trek fans for a long time: Is The Original Series better than The next generation?
You can take anything into your account! is Kirk better than Picard? Is Data or Spock more logical? Is Wesley a pathetic replacement for Chekov?
It's all up to you!

What was your best Uno win?

Here's mine:
My hand had one yellow skip, four blue skips, one blue 5, and one green 8. There were six people at the table. 

Someone: plays yellow skip
Me: "JUMP IN!" plays yellow skip
2 after me: plays blue skip
Me: "JUMP IN, JUMP IN, JUMP IN, JUMP IN!" plays four blue skips
Me again (i skipped five people): plays blue five "UNO!!"
1 after me: plays blue 6
2 after me: plays blue 7
3 after me: plays blue 9
4 after me: plays blue 5
5 after me: plays green 5
Me: plays green 8 "YEET, I WIN!"

who here had an epic win as well?

Fun Challenge: Compose a theme for a thing I'm doing

My friend and I have a Youtube channel and at 100 subs we promised we would start work on a long term project which is a film we call Karate Steve II: The Duke of Overkill. Our channel is comedy so that is what our movie will be. We have a synopsis done and the first couple minutes worth of script. I think it would be fun to have an original theme over some royalty free music off the internet. 

Here's the basic idea for the film: 
Karate Steve has forgotten who he is due to the script for Karate Steve I being misplaced and his mission is to locate the script before the evil Duke of Overkill finds it. He works with Director Mister President of the S.E.A.E.Y.E.A.Y (pronounced C.I.A) to find it.

The idea for the music would be a 70s disco spy thriller. We need a theme that would be able to be placed throughout the film as a motif of the character and his fight against the sinister organization F.A.R.T (the Foundation Association of Redundant Troublemakers.)

If this sounds stupid that's because it is. Were aiming to film and edit this summer and the film should be posted by the end of August or early September.

Here's the link to the video we introduced the character in.
Skip to 1:00 into the video to see the fake trailer we made for the movie before we knew we were gonna make the movie.