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Should I quit music?

hey there, im drsooz. im what i would proclaim to be uncreative and untalented. i've been trying this music thing for a long time now, but i'm just now getting anywhere. im horrible at playing instruments and i seem to be horrible at creating music (i mean seriously - just look at what ive created. it sucks). ive been trying so hard at it for so long but im not getting anywhere, and faced with the works of the greats such as rachmaninoff, tchaikovsky, and others it feels like anything i write or play is pointless. should i stop this whole musical charade? its not going to ever benefit me. im just not talented enough. i've realized that ill never have the performance or composition ability of those around me

What is the weirdest thing you have ever got in trouble for?

Mine was at  school. 
In the middle of my 3rd period (math), the boy in front of me asked the teacher if she was there yesterday (she had been gone with the flu for a few days). All I said was: "you weren't here yesterday? I didn't notice." I got a 2 day detention; my first one ever. He was also the same boy who would make fun of me about the way I look.

What instrument do you play?

Please comment what instrument(s) you play and how well you play, and I will add you to this list.

Piccolos: SkeletonWave, Johnny Sarro
Flutes: SkeletonWave, Johnny Sarro
Recorder: lizzapie, Johnny Sarro
B flat soprano clarinets: Agate817, Rebecca Y, lizzapie, CLARINET2121, Johnny Sarro
B flat bass clarinets: Agate817,
Piccolo clarinets:
Soprano clarinets in A:
Contrabass clarinets:
Alto clarinet:
Basset horn:
Contralto clarinet:
E flat alto saxes: zzaz, Johnny Sarro
Tenor saxophones: kiki045
Baritone saxophones: Johnny Sarro
Soprano saxes: Johnny Sarro
Oboes: kiki045
English horn:

Scissors Story

So this happened earlier today at my school. Basically, some dude in my grade took a pair of scissors, took them apart, and used them to attempt to stab 3 different people. The best he got was one of them was bleeding from the finger, but the point is that he didn’t exactly intend for them to leave in one piece. A few minutes later, where only the involved people have heard about this, half the school administration comes down to get him. From the rumors I’ve heard, he got 3 weeks of OSS and a Police Referral. Anyone had something like this happen at their school?