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Unable to post these scores as PD


for two days now doesn't believe me these scores are in PD, although the certainly are:

Allegro (Fuga à 4) from HWV 428 by G. F. Handel

Illumina oculos meos (Canon) by Palestrina

Two excerpts from the Robertsbridge Codex by Unknown, England (ca. 1350)

Because these three suddenly weren't accepted, almost all my 24 scores, of which only 4 are non-PD, became hidden. Even when I update the PD scores and insert the source / work they are related to again, they stay hidden.

Looking forward for any help,

Bartók forever

Changing view settings on Android app

Hi there,

I might be being dim here, but are there options for changing view settings on the android app?

I have many scores written in Musescore 2, and they view perfectly in Songbook.

Now trying the latest app, but all my scores are too small for my middle-aged eyesight, and I can't find settings to make the notes any bigger.  I just want the scores to display the way I wrote them.


Hyperlinks in the notification feature are not working like they were + Dashboard issues

This has been going on for a couple weeks now, when the notification feature started out I could click on the hyperlink under the bell, and after clicking it redirected me to the exact comment of the notification. Recently comment notifications that are from a discussion with more than one page of comments do not lead to the comment, instead just the first page of the discussion. I don't know when this changed, but it is a huge nuisance to have to dig through a 9 page discussion in order to find a comment directed to myself. I wouldn't be complaining about this if my dashboard worked, but for weeks and weeks my dashboard has failed to show all the recent comments, only showing about 1 in 5 of every comment I get. it would be nice to see the hyperlinks redirect straight to the comment I am getting notified for, as it was earlier when the feature was new, and also I'd like to see my dashboard fixed again.

Also I have encountered these problems on Safari and Chrome on my Macbook pro and my windows, respectfully.

Video Game Track

Hello everyone!

I just finished my first piece that wasn't just for flute or recorder, haha.

I'm applying as a video game design major this year, and in my portfolio I wanted to submit some compositions that could potentially end up in a video game. Hence, this piece.

I could imagine it as the title screen song or when you're strolling around a town, but any other concepts are welcome. I tried to make it suitable enough to track indefinitely, which is why I put a repeat sign that goes back to measure one.

Please tell me what you think / what I could improve on in the comments - any critique would be welcome.

Note - I don't play the piano, so any tips with that part especially would be wonderful.

Thanks so much!

Stave text properties

 I want to incorporate a change to the short name of an instrument because it is duplicated by a similar instrument and have that automatically load with my preferred style setup. I can see how to change it within a single piece but it doesn't get saved when I re-save my preferred style. Any ideas?