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Feedback on my newest work-in-progress?

Hello! I'm a self-taught composer, and this is my second full piece (I've written things like character themes for friends that I don't count as full pieces) and, although I've been working on it throughout the summer, I'm still unhappy with it. I'm looking for critiques and tips on how I can improve this piece.

Check out my pieces Mystic Blade and Masks And Feathers!

It's kind of difficult to put your music out there so just posting this for others to see.
Looking for advice to improve and my pieces Feel free to share your thoughts and advice. Also in my piece Mystic Blade, I'm aware of how ear piercing the violin is in the beginning lol. It's just the sound font but its supposed to sound alot more gentle with vibrato that builds.

Mystic Blade:

Masks and Feathers:

Summer Competition Results!

So we had a 3 way tie for first, so I had to choose from those 3 as to which was first, second, and third (which also meant changing their scores so they placed as listed below lol)

FIRST! - @Skylighter - 20
SECOND! - @lizzapie - 19
THIRD! - @The Virtuoso Pianist - 18

now the point scale for the rest of you!

@lareinedeslapins - 17
@frncscbrqz - 17
@Thelight OI - 17
@WantaSample - 17
@jmoses - 16
@Kenobiingondolin2019 - 15
@MusicRebel - 15
@Grant Develle - 15
@NobleEwe - 15
@Shadows654 - 15
@pavlos235 - 14
@Deanna140601 - 14
@Okely Dokely - 14
@Msalis - 13
@BeeBunny - 13

Thank you all! it was a good competition around the board!

Khalid - "Young Dumb & Broke"

Can someone please please make sheet music to this, Khalid - Young Dumb & Broke - EASY Piano Tutorial by PlutaX (on Youtube).  I would really appreciate it if someone could make sheet music to the same version thats by PlutaX (on youtube).  Ive been wanting to be able to play this song for awhile.     Just make sure its the EASY version by PlutaX on youtube. Please ^_^