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Goodbye - "Hachi: A Dog's tale" (FEEDBACK) ; Piano & String Orchestra

Have any of you seen the movie "Hachi: A Dog's tale"?
Well, I've taken the liberty to transcribe (or do the best I could) the main theme called "Goodbye". The movie is very emotional and part of that is because of the music, composed by Jan A.P Kaczmarek.
I could not find any sheet music (besides some for piano, which was sort of inaccurate anyway) so I decided to transcribe it myself.

I'd love feedback though! Thanks in advance!

Here it is:

A competition for newbies

I am a noob since I don't know how to simplify and it is taking long for me to make a piece/score so since their are no more competitions, I will host one
Here are the rules and all my scores (Don't mind the duplicate, I will just make another one and delete it)
1. Instruments: Piano solo only
2. Duration of piece: Maximum of 7 minutes
3. Style of piece that are allowed this week: Impressionistic and/or Etude
4. Only one piece per person per style
To submit, copy and paste the link so I can view it
Here are all meh scores:
They don't have to be good ;)
Lasts: 1/27/2019 to 2/26/2019 :0

16 bar compositional exercise

Composition exercise by the Polish composer Karol Szymanowski(1882-1937) given to his student.

It goes as follows:
16 bars divided into 4x4 bar segments
Tonic chord at the beginning
At bars 7/8 modulate to dominant(in major) or relative major(in minor)
In bars 9/10 write a sequence
In bars 11/12 write another sequence
In bars 13/14 thematic return should occur
In bar 16 coda
And at the bottom: "best subdominant, dominant and tonic, perfect cadence."

I recommend giving it a try

So fa Name

 Hi~ I have a question and would like to search for help. I want to add "So fa" name on a score. However, all I can find is we can use the "Note Names" plugin to add the "note name" to each note with language set to French regardless of the key signature. Is there any way to do that,  e.g. for F major, the "So fa" name of F note should be "Do" and G is "Re"; G major the "So fa" name of G is "Do" and A is "Re"...? (Sorry for my bad English.)