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Hi everybody! Let's get some of your pieces played!

As a composer in high school myself, I understand that our music doesn't get played all that much. If you have a school that constantly plays music/arrangements of yours, consider yourself extremely lucky!
Therefore, my idea was to put together a group of as many of us high school musicians as possible, and together, we can quickly and efficiently record music for each other. If you have a piece but musescore soundfonts aren't showing you how it would sound to a great enough extent, this would be an awesome solution! We'd be able to record pieces that we write and see how they sound played by real musicians in real time.
Comment thoughts about this idea. I think it has potential, and if you guys are in I'd be willing to set up a discord and all that stuff. I also can handle all of the audio editing.

Introduce Yourself! :)

Does anyone else just want to have one master discussion for introductions? No? Just me? Welp.

I think, so that we keep things organized, we should have a central discussion for introductions! That way we can have everyone's pronouns and other important info all in one location for easy reference later on. :) So if anyone has yet to introduce themselves in the group, or if you would like to reintroduce yourself, do it here! I'll start in the comments below. :D

Soooo, as our lovely group admins have said, PLEASE make sure to include your pronouns, so that we don't misgender you! ^^ You're also welcome to share your sexual/romantic orientation, gender, and other more specific labels if you feel comfortable doing so, but don't feel pressured into doing so if you do not wish to. I would also love to hear about how you came across music/MuseScore/this group, if you want to share anything more about yourself, and feel free to share a random fact about yourself or anything, really! xD