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Export Mp3 and emphasize voices

Hi, as I have just started using the program, I have a question re. the export.
I am a choir singer and have a score in MuseScore.
I want to export the audio to my Iphone to study it by listening to it.
In Musescore I can emphasize my voice (alto) and choose another instrument for the other voices
However, after exporting to MP3, this is no longer the case and the choice of instruments has disappeared.

Is there a solution plse? Or can I only export the alto voice?

Thank you all!

Regarding Concertos

I think there should be a volume setting to make a single instrument's base volume much louder than the ensemble so we don't need to lower every other instruments' volume. This way it makes concertos easier. Yes I know the mixer lowers and raises volume but it's so tedious and volumes are not even raised enough to feature a single instrument.

Playback bug for updated score

I've run into a strange bug when updating an existing score on the site - link below. The original score was created and uploaded during the MS1.3 era, and I just uploaded a MS2.2 score to replace the original. However, the red highlighting of measures during playback still matches the measures from the original score instead of the new score on the screen, even though the spacing is completely different. Anyone else seen something like that?

Cuphead Fanbased Medley!

Quote from @Mr_musicguy:

Hello everyone! @realrandynewman and I are doing this very fun cuphead pastiche medley. So how this works is everyone makes one piece based on the big band jazz from cuphead. This can either be a plane battle piece a run and gun or a regular boss battle. We need at least 7 people to complete the medley. Each piece must have a rhyming name like "Wolly warbles in aviary action" or "eartha earthquake in jungle rumble". When your done Randy will fix the pieces up and put it in the medley. Put a comment saying what the name of your piece will be and get our piece up in the next 3 weeks and you can be in the medley!

People able to use my scores commercially???

When I go to my profile page and click on "sheet music", then apply the filter "to use commercially", all my scores still show up. The licenses on almost all my scores are "all rights reserved", and the ones under a creative commons license are all non-commercial (I am going to edit them to all rights reserved, though). 

I do not want my scores to be used commercially by others.

Is this a bug?

Doubles and Trebles

Hi All, newby here,
    I am trying to write a nocturne from John Field, I have the piano part and using muescore 2 I am writing the Melody line to play on my flute. I'm not sure of the number of the Nocturne but it's annotated "Cantabile assai lento".
At bar 18 there are the beginning of lots for dotted doubles and trebles, but when I put them into the music they join!, so I end up with a thumping big run with 2s and 3s written above it, also when bar 18 starts there is a quaver then a dotted double but as soon as I add the double it joins with the quaver. What am I doing wrong?