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Scores to check or to improve

Hello everyone, I start this topic because many times I found myself in the situation to download scores already present in the archive of Musescore and realize that they had errors in copying or input modalities that made the result unsuitable in case it should serve, as in my case for work. So I decided to post here the links to the scores that seem dubious and in case I find the related versions in pdf. I Start with the intemezzo for vl and piano by Schumann of fae sonata present at this link :
Here the pdf version I found:
There is someone that can help me to verify if at least the piano part is correct?
Mostly at the end I have the impression something is missing and something is not correctly copied.
Thanks in advance

Allow PDF import to MusicXML in addition to MuseScore 3

The Import PDF feature since that produces MuseScore 3 .mscz files. Users who cannot upgrade to MuseScore 3, but are stuck on 2.3.2 (by choice or because their macOS or Windows is no longer supported), can no longer use this feature.

Suggestion: that the import site offers import to MusicXML in addition to MuseScore 3 or as a replacement to MuseScore 3, which would make the import feature usable to the above pre-MuseScore 3 users and to other non-MuseScore users.

Jazz standards transcription plan

Below are song titles from a "transcription plan" that was being pursued by this group in 2017-2018. The idea was to take the top 100 jazz standards appearing on the list and provide lead sheets. The list was  compiled statistically, and is ordered by frequency of recording (see the site for more details).

As of this writing, lead sheets for about 2/3 of the top 100 songs on the list have been submitted to the group. (The full list includes 1,000 tunes, in case you were wondering.) At the bottom of this message are the titles that have not been done.

You are welcome to work on the remaining titles, or any other titles considered to be jazz standards (or popular song standards from the classic jazz/swing era--roughly 1910 to 1960). If your song isn't one of the 1,000 songs on the full list, it's probably not what most musicians and jazz fans would consider a jazz standard. That doesn't mean it's not a great tune, but in most cases it means the tune is not widely performed. (Perhaps we need a Musescore group dedicated to overlooked and under-appreciated  jazz tunes and traditional popular songs.) We will try to be as inclusive as possible when adding submissions to the group, while still keeping the focus on tunes that you might hear played and sung in jam sessions or on gigs by relatively mainstream jazz performers.

You are also welcome to submit improved versions of any songs that have already been done for the group. Perhaps a song previously submitted is missing lyrics, or missing the introductory verse, or has chord changes that are not widely used by musicians in performance. So far, the group has not been flooded by multiple versions of any given song--if we were to get, say, 10 charts for "I Got Rhythm," we might need to pick the best 2 or 3 for the main listing, but currently that's not an issue.

Note that if you are starting a new chart, you may save yourself some time by working with an existing "Wikifonia Archive" chart and adding your own corrections, improved formatting, and missing sections / lyrics as needed. See the following discussion for more details:

To add a score to the group's collection, open the score in or find it in your account's list of scores, click the "three dots" action icon at the top right, and then choose type in "Jazz Standards Lead Sheets" to search for and choose this group. You can then leave a comment here with the song title and the URL for the link to let us know you've added a new score. If your chart has notable features or corrections, add a note about it when you post, and consider adding the details to the comments on the score page as well.

Jazz standards not currently in the collection of this group (ranking from

19. In a Sentimental Mood
25. On Green Dolphin Street
26. Tenderly
53. You Don't Know What Love Is
69. Lover Come Back to Me
72. More Than You Know
74. Just One of Those Things
79. Polka Dots and Moonbeams
80. Easy Living
81. Pennies from Heaven
82. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
84. It Don't Mean a Thing
87. Star Eyes
89. Alone Together
90. Just You, Just Me
92. Things Ain't What They Used to Be
93. Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me
94. Blue Moon
95. I Surrender Dear
96. You Stepped Out of a Dream
97. My One and Only Love
98. 'S Wonderful!

As iOS developer, how can I make contributions to the mobile apps?

First, I have only just heard about MuseScore and downloaded to my Mac. Awesome! I have searched GitHub and the forums a bit, but I haven't found an answer to my question. I'm sorry if this newbie post is addressed elsewhere.

I have experience as developer of iOS iPhone and iPad apps. I could not find an open source repository for the iOS code or how to help with the development. Please help me understand how to help with the mobile development effort. Thanks.

Playback unexpectedly jumps to start

 SInce FEB 7, 2019 On IOS devices (IPAD & IPHONE) Playback unexpectedly jumps to start, pause, play and page selector not working. Tested on many devices: same result. Tested on a lot of private sheet music: same result. Tested on random sheet music in the Community: same result. Tested sheet music used for test on IOS played succesfully on Windows 7, 10 & Android devices. EX of sheet music used for test:
. No work around found.Test files used was playing correctly before FEB 7, 2019. Tried to update IOS 12.1.4: same unsuccesful result. 

Score uploading issues

From Saturday we have issues with scores uploading. It's about scores created in the editor 3.0.

It's a result of spam attack for our site that crashed our uploads services. Today, we fixed this issue but the queue is full now, and over the next few hours scores will be processed for a long time. But all uploaded scores by last 3 days should be processed.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please relaunch the Songbook app until the Musescore app 2.x is completely fixed

Dmitriy Popov, thank you for clarifying that relaunching Songbook is possible, though difficult. There is a balance between the difficulties for the Musescore team and the very real difficulties of customers having their work deleted and their daily activities  brought to a halt.

This raises the question: How can users persuade the Musescore team to provide the Songbook app until the Musescore app 2.x is completely fixed?

The “upgrade” from Songbook 1.13 to MuseScore app 2.x seems to be a forced migration rather than an upgrade. The MuseScore app 2.x is not so much about customer satisfaction, but primarily about removing features and thereby locking Musescore app users to The Musescore team stated May 7th that important Songbook functions would be removed in the new Musescore app. Customers were not warned about this, nor about the risk of losing files, an issue that was flagged middle of May.

Some suggestions on how to make it worthwhile for the Musescore team take care of their customers by providing Songbook till crucial flaws are adressed:
Money is always important

  1. The Songbook app was underpriced. Relaunch it with a $10 price tag
  2. Help Musescore innovate differentiate paid features for Musescore app 2.x (in app purchases) and
  3. Increase donations for Musescore Desktop development for example by users approaching governmental agencies as a tool for preserving music, language and cultural traditions.
  4. Improve the library making a yearly subscription worthwhile, like a mailing list when a group of scores is updated (mail or message “You have an updated score in group x”). Also reviews and ratings making it fun and easy to find new music
  5. Facilitate the selling/renting of scores through i.e. becoming the - the Spotify of digital music scores.

  6. Customer satisfaction?
    Previous Songbook evangelists are now looking at alternative software for reading Musescore files (which are XML).
  7. User poll?
  8. Good relations with App Stores?
    The “upgrade” from Songbook 1.13 to MuseScore app 2.x was more like a forced migration. The new features are not so much about customer satisfaction, but primarily about removing features and thereby locking Musescore app users to The Musescore team stated May 7th that important Songbook functions would be removed in the new Musescore app. Customers were not warned about this, nor about the risk of losing files, an issue that was flagged middle of May.

    A concerted approach to Google Play, iTunes App Store and Kindle App Store might help the Musescore team realize the gravity of the situation. The downside may be that the Musescore app could be banned from the app stores since the forced migration, deleting files without warning and removing features customers paid for, can be considered dubious business practice and may infringe the app store contract.

Suggestions for regarding a Songbook relaunch are welcome here and in 

I am looking forward to how Musescore can take better care of their customers.

Best regards,
Joe Siri Ekgren