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Sooooooooo... Rose Quarts Huh? Pink Diamond Eeh?

Tell what was your guys' reaction??!?!?! And the diamonds coming to earth? And White Diamond? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!!

"We Need To Talk" because "The Big Show" is "Keep(ing) Beach City Weird", and no one knows Steven Universe at my school. I am having trouble "Keeping It Together" and life is like a "Nightmare Hospital" so let's "Crack The Whip" and talk!

Surprise Reveal

Ok so I don't know how many of you know this but i am Jaybird2. So apparently I wasn't here when this thing with musix fox was happening, I have heard stuff recently but I wasn't involved. So this afternoon I checked my dashboard and I got a message from my accomplice saying that jaybird1 had found the account. So I checked jaybird2 account and I had three messages these people continued to message me. So finally jaybird1 messaged jaybird2 and threatened to turn him in if he didn't say who he was so I told. Now this guy callled half step keeps messaging me so if he is reading this tell him to stop. First I am not his bro and second I am not a dude.

Smooth Loops

Hi, I am a pianist and a violinist. Now, as you probably know, sometimes people struggle with certain parts of a piece of music. Looping the music is a great solution but there is one problem, the loops aren't smooth! If you make a loop, there will be a short pause between each repetition, which, is makes practicing using the loop very difficult. If you could get rid of that pause (or at least minimize it) to the best of your ability to make it mostly seamless, that would be greatly appreciated by not only me, but many other MuseScore users.
Thank you, Zatchary