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I'm leaving soon. No set date yet.

Didn't really know when or how to say this, but I'll be going inactive on MuseScore in a few weeks. I have a busy schedule, and MuseScore is a lot to stay caught up with for me. I will not delete my profile because I want other users to listen to my scores. In a few weeks, I will be creating a website (in which the name will be revealed soon) while using another software to make more "scores" that I will post unlimitedly on my website. Once I add the link to my website on my profile, AS WELL AS MY FOLLOWER SHOUT OUT in my follower group as well as RSA (if Rebecca Y allows me to), I won't be on here anymore. I wanna thank all of those who have supported me on here and befriended me. (That's part of why I also wanted to make this group. So I can get to know all of you before I leave and so that I have a couple of things to say for my shout out for you guys). Thanks guys. :D

Who likes to sing on here?

I have loved singing since I was like 4, but since I'm a guy it can seem kinda weird at times, because I'll often sing quietly in public when I have headphones on, but get stares. I've been working on my harmonization for a while but and it's finally pretty good but I don't like to sing in public at all anymore!

I kinda went on a rant.... point of this: who here actually loves to sing as much as I probably do??