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RSA Contest 4 - "Inspirational" Challenge

Alright, so I've been seeing that the activity in this group has been going down - so I wanted to introduce something to help spice things up!

It has in fact been 3 months since the last contest, the I N T E R E S T I N G challenge, was introduced, so it's about time we do our 4th contest!
(mnmwert will still get his full month with the congratulatory group banner and links to his profile/music in the description as he was promised, though, so the winner will be announced on or after July 19th).

So! A brief introduction to what this challenge will be about: so you know those really popular New Age piano solos (and sometimes epic orchestral pieces) floating around everywhere - the ones that are usually captioned as "epic", "beautiful", "inspirational", etc. Though they are indeed very beautiful, something I've begun to gripe about is that probably way too many of them tend to have the same chord progression, vi-IV-I-V, throughout the entire piece. Some examples include: River Flows in You by Yiruma, Nuvole Bianche by Einaudi, and My World by Florian Bur. They're all beautiful piano pieces in my opinion, buuut the chord progression used all the way through these pieces isn't very original at all :P

I've thought for a while now that I should make one of these cliche "inspirational" piano pieces just for the sake of making fun of them - similar to what I did with my 3-note song in making fun of pop. I feel like it's a fun twist as well, since now, instead of making fun of a genre that I don't like or listen to, and is made fun of by stereotypical "music snobs", I'm making fun of the very genre I listen to, enjoy and compose in on a regular basis. And I thought, wouldn't this be fun for the rest of RSA to try this too? Soooooo.....

The task!
You are to compose a two-minute piano solo that uses the chord progression vi-IV-I-V throughout its entirety. Pretty simple :P After this challenge, I'll probably even upload my own go at this challenge and link the contest and everyone's submissions in its description :P

1. You MUST use vi-IV-I-V, and ONLY vi-IV-I-V. You may not substitute any chords; it has to be those four repeating over and over. The only exception is that you can end the piece on a chord other than V :P

2. You MUST write a piano solo. Just trying to put a limit on the instrumentation this time so we can see how everyone does when working with the same instrument (and judges aren't biased by people who have more time on their hands than others and write a massive orchestral work).

3. The piece must be NEWLY COMPOSED. Cause there's a pretty big chance that more than one of you has written one of these piano pieces already :P

4.  Your piece has to be playable. For those that don't play piano - a typical pianist can comfortably reach the interval of a 9th or a 10th, and a typical "large chord" is 4 notes (5-note chords for one hand in piano music exist, but aren't that common).

5. You can write in whatever style you wish. I know I talked about New Age piano pieces, but as long as you use the chord progression I specified, you can write in whatever style you want.

6. Your piece should be around 2 mins long. You will lose a point if your piece is under 1:40 or over 2:20.

7. Modulations and inversions of chords are allowed, but modulations must be spaced at least 16 bars apart so vi-IV-I-V is established (and repeated) in the new key before it changes again.

A bonus point will be awarded to the first submission, but keep in mind that if you rush it, you might lose points in other areas.
A bonus point will also be awarded if you manage to make your piece exactly 2 minutes and 0 seconds. I will be judging this by looking at the time indication on your score description (if it goes even one second over/under, you don't get the point :P)

The winner will have their name and score link in RSA's Hall of Fame, have their profile and winning score linked at the top of this group's description for a month, and have the group banner changed to congratulate them for a month.

The deadline is July 5th. 

If any of you want to be judges, comment below. The first two people who say they want to be judges will get to be judges.

Have fun, guys! And may RSA revive! :D

The Death of RSA

is it looming in front of us?

The Evil Organization Ultimate Guitar has already taken over musescore and has changed the website and caused it to be glitchy and messed up the program too. It will not stop until all of the MS Kingdom has been vanquished. Shall we let them kill the one thing we know we have left? (our cheese pizzas *insert surprised pikachu face here* jk)

Anyway I ask all of you to bear with me. We must fight Back against this monstrosity.  

We need to advertise this group somehow. We need to be active somehow. We gotta show the devs that no matter how much they might try to hide us, we will never be hidden :o we gotta show our friends that hope is not lost :O



the time has come.
for me to unleash my ultimate power.

(roleplay spam cause I can't just spam anymore like I used to cause I don't wanna get banned. I do that too well apparently)

(Continuing the bandwagon started by Amot3kun)

Don't kill me.

I'm not going to be as active anymore.
I'M NOT LEAVING! I just don't have the time to be on here as much but I will try to come on like once every other day.

I know you're all sick of the 'I'm leaving' discussions and the 'not going to be as active' ones. 
But I wanted to give you a heads up. 

Randon Favorite Something (RFS)

Got any avorite anythings? It'd be kinds weird if you didn't. Everybody's got something, hey?

Lets do it like this. Say, for example, I'd say "My favorite book is The Hunger Games".
then, the next person goes, "My favorite book is to Kill A Mockingbird. And, my favorite food is sushi".

The next peep would now go, "My favorite food is Gelato, and my favorite movie is Jason Bourne".

You don't have to do it this way, just a suggestion. :D

Biography [6] CountryHomes

Two months ago, Diana "Reed" (better known as CountryHomes) released her twelve follower special. Honestly, she's due for another special, with a follower count now at 42. To get her thoughts on music and more, Musescore News recently interviewed her...

News: Let's hear your Musescore story. What brought you here, and did it turn out as you expected?
Country Homes: I joined Musescore while looking for sheet music, so, I guess you could say that one of my expectations was finding all the sheet music I ever wanted. I didn't know about the community when I first joined. I would say it is different [from my expectations], but not totally. I, obviously, haven't been able to find all the sheet music I ever wanted.

N: So how did Musescore help you grow as a musician?
CH: Well, before I came to Musescore, I thought that I couldn't compose. Being on Musescore, and the encouragement of other people has made me realize that I can compose. It also has made me want to be a better musician.

N: You brought up the community here; who of that community inspires you, and why?
CH: Probably, Micah and/or Lizzapie, through their music... It helped me realize that I'm not alone in this world and that God is always there for me.

N: Looking at your own work, do you have a favorite score?
CH: Well, honestly, I would say that my 12 follower special is my best, but my background music score has more favorites and comments, which may just be because it was uploaded first. My follower count went up much faster after I uploaded my 12 follower special, as I now have 41 followers and that means a lot to me.

N: Outside of Musescore, do you have any interesting facts or funny stories about yourself to share?
CH: I'm not sure. Most people probably don't know that I love puzzles.
Also, most people probably don't know that I'm a triplet. The other two are Phia and Alexis, but, we're not triplets in real life, just on Musescore. :D One of my most embarrassing moments was when my brother and I were shopping. I couldn't reach something on the top shelf, so, my brother attempted to reach it, but he couldn't either. Suddenly, this teen guy appeared next to us, and asked, "Do you need some help?" I could feel my face turning red as I stammered, "Sure." He reached it so easily, handed it to us, and started to walk off, I managed to say thank you, but, my brother and I ended up seeing him in the store later on, and we both turned red.

N: Do you use music, playing or composing, as a way to decompress? If not, what other things help you after a hard day?
CH: I play music, but, I don't compose because that's stressful for me. I also read books, and/or get on Musescore. Sometimes, I'll go on walks and listen to the birds, if it's still daylight.

N: Let's conclude with your musical aspirations. Are you ambitious for fame, or does music have a simpler role in your life?
CH: Well, I'm not one to dream of much, but, I guess you could say that I dream of being a well-known musician, that plays more instruments than the average musician.

That wrapped up our interview with CountryHomes, who may not be a big dreamer, but certainly has plenty of followers awaiting her next upload. Who knows? A 50-follower special? Check out her profile here (
) and be sure to join Musescore News and Biographies for the scoop on the Musescore community! See you in the next edition!

thanks again to @OatmealBlondie for this amazing interview.

You Tube Audio scores -- bottom 400 pixels getting cut off for example (select YouTube source or this doesn't happen). Playing any score with a YouTube audio source (not video) leaves a grey box at the bottom of the score, obliterating what should be there.  This has been going on for about a week; I had hoped it would get fixed, but ...  That's Firefox 67.0.2, Mac Mojave.10.4.5.

What do you think about this piece?

  Hi, my music school just emailed me telling they've made a  local Summer Competition which deadline is the 1st of September, basically this competition consist of composing a piece which is 1 to 2min long (it doesn't matter which category eg. Piano solos, Orchestra, etc...), and the winner will win 100 Euro to spend in Music books and a free year of studies. So i've made this little piano concerto with strings that is about 1:20min long.Could you tell me in comments what to change/improve and tell me if you liked? That would be really really appreciated! :-)

CCC#2 - "The Wanderer"

 CCC#2 is here!

Based on the results of the survey I sent out on Friday 7th June, it occurred to me that several of the themes which I suggested, and asked you to vote on, would in fact fit quite nicely together. Therefore, for this second competition, I have found another painting by Caspar David Friedrich, since the response for “The Watzmann” was very good. I am also going to give a genre of music (as wide as possible, but still something to go on) and a short story available in the file below.

If you would like to help judge the competition, or have any other queries, please message on Musescore, or via discord @jte#9811

Details of the competition:

- The deadline will be in 4 weeks time (Saturday 29th June)

- The genre, as chosen by the survey will be “Film Music”. This is deliberately a very wide genre in order to give the contestants freedom of creativity. There will be an award for the most original take on the task, as with the first competition. 
Obviously this theme can be interpreted to fit your desires.

- The painting (shown below) and the story are both in the google docs file. If you have any issues accessing this file, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to help.


- Your work must be completely original/all your own work.

- Be nice when critiquing other people’s work. Constructive criticism is fine, but don’t be rude. If you do, you will be disqualified from the competition and banned from the group.

- All pieces and comments must be appropriate.

Please let me know if you’re planning on taking part. I’d like to have an idea of who might be competing.  

- Joe