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Hey so I'm making a TOP melody with one of my friends and I wanted to know some songs you might wanna hear in it. I'm taking from all albums except NPI. I'd love to put it im but the melody would be like 20 hours long. ll-/ Stay Alive

Serious News!

Guys, we need to help the RSA take over Musescore! It's almost there!
I encourage all of you to take ownership of big groups, so @Rebecca Y Can be queen of musescore.
We have 655 special individuals in this group!
Do your best everyone!

Don't tell the other groups about this!
Shhhhh..... *puts index finger to lips*

Score Not Uploading Correctly

I have tried to get this score to upload for about 5 days now; I really don't know what else to do

It either stays on "Score is being processed. It will automatically be displayed when finished." or will be put up without playback. I have re-uploaded several times and even re-did the score from scratch. Any help would be appreciated even if I'm overlooking something obvious.

mike320 sent me here to see if y'all could help me get this sorted out

Survey Results

Hey guys thank you for responding to my survey. I got 30 responses, pretty cool

1. From this I have been able to determine that there are a lot of pianists in RSA, with 17/30 choosing piano as their main instrument. Violin, Viola, and Cello had 2, 2, and 3 responses respectively. The others were wind instruments and handbells

2. Most respondents feel as if their instruments "matches" their personalities

3. Less than half of respondents have "strong opinions" on certain instruments, while most do not.

4. This one showed a lot. Piano players seem to believe that their instrument is God's chosen one, as "Piano is the best by far. The players are usually the intelectuals who like reading and music more than their friends hehe." Some of these people were a bit opinionated and have quite the ego. Proof: " Strings are the most important."

5. 19/30 chose their instrument, 9 did not, 2 felt like not responding. Unsurprising.

6." Would you consider yourself intelligent?" The majority gave a pretentious "yes," while the rest said "I guess I'm smarter than some people." And then there was the one lonely "I don't know" person. I guess RSAers think highly of themselves.

7. People really like Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven. Makes sense, as this survey was populated by pianists.

8. Nobody was really strongly disliked. Wagner was the most disliked with 5 responses. I actually have no clue why people dislike Wagner.

9. Most respondents do compose, no preference per instrument

10. The Romantic Period was favored, followed by Classical, Postmodern, and Caveman Noises

11. 25/30 like the Musescore community. Yay!

12. The majority rated the RSA community highly (except for the one guy that rated is 1/10)

13. Most said "yes" when asked is they liked playing their instruments, all except 1 of the "no" responses were pianists, if that means anything.

14. "hANDBELL JESUS descended from the heavens and told me it was my sacred duty to ring hANDBELLS until the day i died." " I thought sax was sexy" These responses say enough.

15. This question was on practicing. Most people practice less than 1 hour a day. 5 people practice 40 hours a day, apparently (yes i get the joke dont woosh me)

16. Most people aren't first chair... ok cool

17. " Do you enjoy playing solo, small ensemble, or large ensemble?" It was a perfect split between the responses, satisfying to look at.

18. Most people enjoy the community of their music band/orchestra/whatever except for 3 people who put "kind of annoying".

19. "Describe your personality" Some people were serious, some people put stupid responses, most put their meaningless Myers-Briggs test results. At least everyone is an introvert.

20. People (for the most part) liked my lame quiz. Hurrah for me!

So I just want to thank you party people for taking the survey. If you want some more info on the results, I can provide it to you. Have a good day mates!

Progress in reviewing the transcriptions

In English:
I am glad to tell you that Movement 3 has now been reviewed and corrected in full. The Scherzo was transcribed by pental and the Trio by fredipi: thanks to you both for great transcription work.

There are still some collisions (e.g. between measure numbers and tempo directions).  But I have left these cases, because the measure numbering is currently "every 10 measures".  The final score will have measure numbering "at start of each system".

Please report any other problems which you may spot in the "REVIEWED" versions.

En français:
Je suis heureux de vous dire que le Mouvement 3 a maintenant été examiné et corrigé dans son intégralité. Le Scherzo a été transcrit par pental et le Trio par fredipi: merci à vous deux pour votre excellent travail de transcription.

Il y a encore quelques collisions (par exemple, entre les numéros de mesure et les directions de tempo). Mais j'ai laissé ces cas, car la numérotation des mesures est actuellement "toutes les 10 mesures". La partition finale aura une numérotation de mesure "au début de chaque système".

Veuillez signaler tout autre problème que vous pourriez rencontrer dans les versions "REVIEWED".

Results for Music poll

Thank you everyone who did my music poll! Unfortunately, only 33 MuseScorers, including myself, did it so far, but the poll is still on, so if you have not already done this survey, you can still change the results! Please do not do the survey again if you have already done it. Also, if enough people do the survey after now, I'll post the new results!

OK, and here are the results!!:

Almost everyone chose different composers and artists as their favorite, but 2 people said Beethoven, 2 people said John Powel, and 3 people, including myself, said Alan Walker.

MuseScore Android doesn't show bottom toolbar

Tapping into the score toggles the toolbars. On my phone toolbars are shown on top and bottom of the screen. On my tablet the bottom toolbar with the transpose button is missing, the top toolbar is shown.
Musecore Android version is the latest 2.2.6. I had a  V 2.2.6 before with a different behaviour.
For screenshots see here:

I reported the same issue before for previous versions: