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News about LordTroll

The top story in trolling for the last couple weeks is LordTroll. He started as a normal account, but he started making racist scores. He also included abuse in his scores, and his name was racist itself. He also made multiple accounts, probably in the hopes of not being banned. 

I saw one of his scores, and told him about his bad behavior. He then attacked me with a song, where you can find more info about in RSA*. He was then reported by mnmwert**, me, and a few others. mnmwert and Jaybird spammed his account, and kept reporting him until he was banned. He was then banned within a few hours, via the staff getting information in Improving Musescore. 

*The discussion is called: Nasty Targeting.

**I know is spelt that wrong.


The second most commented user is goes by the name 'ZachTMusic'
I think he used to be 'thebasscleffguy' but I'm not sure.
Anyway, I've been trying to find his comments because I've been trying to pass him for over 6 months and know he has been inactive, but I can't find a single comment of his in the groups he is a part of. Could someone direct me to a discussion he is in? or could you help me figure out why I can't see any comments he has posted? For all of the other top users even below him they've had enough comments for me to easily see it. When I search up the name ZachTMusic I only see the discussion asking who he is. could you all help me out?

So How do I Claim [BLANK]??? ANSWERED

I'm among the first, if not THE first person to successfully claim a dead group, and here's the basics on claiming that group that you want. 

DON'T add another discussion here. It's not going hurt your chances, but it won't be much help either. Instead, contact either the MuseScore admins or support. I don't remember which way worked, so I would try both if I were you.


Welcome everyone. Thanks in advance for joining this group.

What I want to do is to interview some of the top users on Musescore and find out more about them General facts on why they think they have so many followers and what they think makes people want to follow them. Second, I want to interview people that don't hardly get recognition.

And third, I want to report the basic news on Musescore. This would include scammers, weird emails, people leaving, etc... if you have any information like that you can preferably let me know via Musescore messaging system. so if you know anything interesting please let me know, even if it is just a fun fact about a person. please don't be shy about it.

I plan to do I biography a least once every two weeks. You can ask me to do one on you but, that doesn't mean I will choose you.

My dream is to have this group big enough that anyone can come on and find out anything that's going on. So if you would hit that join button and become a member, now.


YArrr maties! We da crew of da dreaded pirate Queen Rebecca Y and are sailing the seas of musescore taking over all the groups we see harr harr *cough*. I needs me best mates to help come up with our battle plans to take over the WHOLE MS KINGDOM MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA HAR HAR har *cough cough cough cough*. Whos in with me har har..... (if not har har we make u walk da PLANK into inactive user infested waters har har har *cough*)

is it weird to invite my guidance counselor to my piano recital

honestly she's been really supportive and I want her to see me play, but is that going beyond "boundaries" if she comes?
I love her so much though, just seeing her makes me feel happy because she supports me so much 
lol none of this is meant in a gay way, I'm NOT crushing on my guidance counselor i swear
it's not meant to be a weird thing either I just want her to come and see me perform. 
is it weird if I ask her tomorrow

Composing advice please!

So, I've gotten myself into quite a predicament. I promised 5 people I would write them piano sonatas.
Which is an issue, because I've never composed anything in my life.
The good news is I have over a year to do them.
Question 1 - I know sonatas are usually multiple movements, but does it still count if I have just one movement but it's in sonata form?
Question 2 - WHERE DO I START?!?! I took AP Music Theory last year, so I have a pretty good knowledge of chords and stuff. But I also learned that there's all kinds of stuff to consider, like chord progressions, the um...actual notes...., dynamics, phrasing.....form....all that... So where do I start? Should I write the basic stuff all the way through then go all the way back to the beginning and polish it? Or should I start from the beginning and make it perfect before I move on?
Question 3 - How long does it take to compose a piano movement? I say movement because these are probably going to end up being more movements in sonata form than actual sonatas. I know it's different for everyone, but what's the average in your opinion? Keep in mind that I'm a beginner in composing, and I'll probably spend 1-2 hours a day working on this.
Question 4 - What's the best software to use. For reasons I don't feel like explaining, I can't download anything, so no, Musescore is not an option. I have to use one of the online based ones. I was messing around with Noteflight, I don't really have an opinion on it, but which one do you think is best?
Question 5 -  Exactly how dumb am I to say I would do this?