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Banana contest 1

Write a song about a lonely tarantula that lives in a banana bunch.
The grand price is a vierual bunch of ripe bananas. Now, for a limited time, as a added amazing bonus, a free virtual tarantula. No, I'm lying. Must be the toxin from the tarantula bite that's affecting me. Dizzy dizzy it's all going dark.

Musecorps Drum Corps Recording #1

Link to the Full Score:

Hello! Mark and I have finalized the brass parts for the ballad of our original show, 2 + 2 = 5. The ballad we've chosen is The Hymn of Acxiom by Vienna Teng, as we believe it fits the theme of the show - George Orwell's "1984" - perfectly.

If you are unfamiliar with the project, here is a quick summary:
Mark and I plan to have as many of you submit recordings of yourselves playing through the show as we can. We will then compile the recordings into one large file, and place it over virtual drill that Mark is writing, to create a virtual drum corps of sorts. If you'd like to record, here's all the info you'll need!

1.) Parts
You can play through as many parts as you'd like. In fact, we would much appreciate it if you did! (For example, if you play the trumpet, it will be better for the end result if you record and submit all three trumpet parts, rather than just doing one) Of course, you don't have to do this! Mark and I will be listening through each recording of the trumpet soloist's part, and picking the one we think would best benefit the overall recording.
2.) Recordings
We would prefer if you submit one large (3-ish minute) recording, but if you find it difficult to play through the part(s) in one sitting, please refer to the recording guide below!
Here is the link to all the parts:
3.) Recording Guide
Recording One: Beginning to Letter D
Recording Two: Letter D to Letter F (Trumpets, include two measure pick-up)
Recording Three: Letter F to Letter I
Recording Four: Letter I to the end

Again, we'd much prefer your recording be from the beginning to the end, to simplify our own work, but we decided to include this in case some need the breaks in between. Trumpets obviously don't need a recording one/four, as they don't play at these points. Please play the part at the exact tempo that's listed. This can easily be done by playing along with the recording (preferably while wearing a headset!).
4.) Submitting
If you have recorded the entirety of the ballad at once, submit an MP3/MP4 file with this name as the format:
If you used the segmented guide above, use this format:

ex. TheMTCrew_Trombone1_Rec1

Send submissions to

If you have any questions, ask them below! Thanks everyone!

*DISCLAIMER* Absolutely no profit is being made off of this project in ANY way. All rights to the music used go to their respective owners. 

YCOO - very badly needing English Horns, Violas and Double Basses!!!

Hello everyone.
You may already heard about us. We're the Young Composers' Online Orchestra ("YCOO"). Recently, we've started a new project - we're gonna play Elliot Butler's Drama for Orchestra No. 6.

In the process of preparing the parts for our members, we found out that we don't have any English Horns, Violas and Double Basses!

If you can play one (or more :P) of those instruments, please consider joining us either forever, or for the current project only. You could save a LOT of effort and hope we're all giving in our orchestra.

Have a great day,
Milan Steklý, moderator of the YCOO

Warning to Musescore v2+ users - V2 scores w/ soundfont settings not compatible with V3 - Nightmare

I was sent a canned support email reply when sending a proven major catastrophic bug in V3 (tested Arch v3.2.3 latest build as an experienced Musescore user, developer, ui expert), which is preposterous and certainly not a solution. MuseScore 3 down the toilet, former v2 users sophisticated work scores inclusive of custom soundfont usage/mixer settings, essentially destroyed and not compatible with v3 - Warning to serious digital composers or people wishing to "save and preserve" their work with MuseScore.

       #1 imported scores with soundfonts settings, patches (part properties + mixer patches/instruments) are either not retained or totally broken. And it's kind of a problem when you hit "load from score" in the Fluid soundfonts menu and then do not get a listing of the name of your saved soundfonts correctly. Blunder Developer Fail 101.
       #2 patches under mixer are all reset to whatever default instruments is set in the first soundfonts. ALL SETTINGS LOST in v3 on opening a v2 score.
       This is a nightmare and unrecoverable blunder.
"Soundfonts" previously saved to score do not correctly "load from score" and several scores i checked have missing or incorrect mixer patches [lost settings] or other mangled settings.

these open fine in v2 not v3

Contacted email support and wax given a total jerkwad ahole canned response to go to forums for help? Really? Huh, I suppose after years of using MuseScore now with 100+ scores, all set, verified and tested in v2 with proper settings as well as.. professional experience with ui/user experience, development and being an extremely proficient tech/web/application user that this is right way to go.

I tested on the latest build of v3.2.3 Arch.

Let's see if we can get any response beyond some stray moron or musescore cuck forum troll who think they want to challenge me or want to defend a total jerkwad group/company who obviously saw my email and decided to send me a BS request.

Way to destroy independent composers important work, some crucially saved with soundfonts, settings - now lost - we all can't afford to hire orchestras or ensembles you total idiots- Musescore destructive, unhelpful and irresponsible people behind them who obviously did not bother to  test their build, nor can field email issues.

I recommend to revoke your support if you care about a serious tool of music scoring and preservation - MuseScore based on their completely blow-up absent support response don't care and worse have no integrity whatsoever.

Go pro?? How about No. At this point I hope MuseScore crashes and burns forever. All my work lost.

Time for someone else with responsible developers and integrity and user support steps in. What a joke, what can a community forum do on the technical end - nothing.

The only thing MuseScore can do now, it get one of their little cuck troll users to attempt to defend the situation on a forum, further deflecting and ignoring.

Those composers who can't hire an orchestra, an ensemble or ar a$$-kissed in the establishment sort of relied on using this software to preserve and demo output their work - the result - totally screwed over, digital scores mangled, “labels”/settings all lost from version 2. The reward for supporting MuseScore and being stabbed in the back and ERASED.

And MuseScore's answer - canned support reply to just go to forums for support and see the usage guide I am already an proficient (and of course I mentioned this in my email).

Moneygrubber, destructive scam artist company/developers who didn't even bother testing their application fully to v3, destroy older version users work and they think it's ok obviously.

MuseScore = ANTI-MUSIC/ANTI-INDIE COMPOSER, convert destructive application set to destroy work on further releases. No excuse.