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Welcome to We <3 Comments!!


I am your new group owner, Lizzapie! I am very excited to help you all gain feedback and likes on your scores as well as make some beneficial changes to this group that will assist you all further. Please check out the rules below:

Please feel free to post some fun discussions to keep conversation going! Just make sure to keep your discussions free from profanity, offensive topics or statements, and bullying.

Also, I have noticed many people advertising scores in this group. That is great! However, please keep it to a minimum (at least once a week). If I see that you have posted the same discussion in multiple groups, I will take it down. It is rather unsettling for people who are scrolling through the community section to see the same discussion multiple times.

There have also been spammers posting in our discussions. I will be keeping an eye out for this spam and deleting in ASAP.

Thanks!! :D

~ Lizzapie

Universal Healthcare in America

I couldn't find this anywhere so
What are you guys' opinions on it? Is Universal Healthcare socialism? Would it be a good or bad thing for America? If you live in a country where Universal Healthcare is used, what is it like? Out of all 36 countries in the OECD, America is the only one that doesn't practice Universal Healthcare. Why do you think this is? I'll talk about my viewpoints on it later


I am now the owner of a group called "Promoting Songs". In this group (as an extension of Jay's and John's Challenges) will be used to promote 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place winner's songs!!! Come join if you'd like to see your score posted! The group is also being used for promoting other songs from other users as well so that others get a chance to promote. Thanks!

-John & Jay