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Just got the app on my iPhone, and so far I'm pleased with it. Being able to take all this music on the go is super nice. However, can you leave comments with the app? I could not find a way. I would find that super useful. Also, if there could be a "User search" That would be very handy. Also, will there possibly be groups on the app in the future? Thanks. 

Corrupted formatting whenever I open my score.

I created a score on Musescore 2.3.2 . I've saved it, but whenever I open it there is corrupted formatting, and it's something different each time on the same document.

Sometimes the Rehearsal Marks appear in odd places and they may or may not be able to be 'grabbed' with my cursor for me to drag them back to their original position; sometimes the lyrics jump up into the stave; sometimes the System Text moves to places I did not put them; sometimes the bars have been stretched so I get different bars appearing at the System Heads.

It's crazy. I thought what I saved would be what re-appeared when I opened it again. Not so.

Is this a known problem? Am I doing something wrong? What are some possible solutions? I operate on a Macbook Pro, MacOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6.


A way to 'Turn off' your Youtube custom audio, and use the default Musescore interpretation?

It might be a nice feature, to be able to turn off the live performance, and downgrade to a computer performance of the piece.
This way everything should match up with the piano roll and the red square.

Personally, I would hate for people to bypass my live play, and opt for the computer.  But it could be helpful to align with some of the playback features

Report Plagiarized Scores


So recently we have been having issues with someone reposting other users' scores without first obtaining their explicit permission - that is, we've been dealing with a plagiarizer. This user (I'm not going to name names, but I'm sure that quite a few of you already know who it is) has been plagiarizing many different people's scores for several days.

I myself reported this user via the MuseScore contact form, and I also know of several others who reported them and who even posted about it in this very group. The user was removed from the website for a few days, but it appears that they have somehow managed to get back online, and they have begun plagiarizing others again, with no signs of stopping.

In light of this matter, I ask that an easier method of reporting plagiarizers be considered, as many are not even aware that it is possible to directly contact the staff through the contact form (I personally didn't find it until doing a little digging around). I am open to ideas and suggestions - if anyone else has any ideas on how we might be able to do that, I would love to hear them. I will also explain my own idea.

I believe that it would be immensely useful if we added a button or some other ability to report or flag scores for plagiarism. This would make it easier to report specific scores and could allow all of the data to be compiled in one area, which would make it easier for staff to go through these and remove plagiarized scores.

(To add further detail to this, it would be nice if a score were automatically made private or unviewable if it reached a certain number of flags for plagiarism by other users - like, say, if ten or fifteen users report it as stolen. However, this is not as necessary as the very ability to report a score, and I can understand hesitation in implementing such a thing. Feel free to disregard this additional suggestion; I'm simply throwing it out there for consideration.)

It would also be nice if we instated some sort of "three strikes, you're out" type of policy; i.e. if a user has three scores taken down for plagiarism, they or their I.P. address or something are automatically blocked from the website. If it were possible to code something automatic like this into the site (I'm not a programmer, so I am unsure if this is possible or not), it would make it easier on the staff as well, and they would not have to worry as much about personally taking the time to go and remove individual plagiarizing users.

Anyways, so in summary, I suggest adding plagiarism report/flag button to scores, as well as a potential "three strikes, you're out" policy as a way to improve the integrity of this website. Plagiarism is a very serious issue that must be addressed, and I hate to see it tainting the lovely community that has been cultivated on this website. It is imperative that we find a more steadfast, centralized way to address stolen sheet music.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and hard work! I truly appreciate it.

Help... ;w; (FIXED)

I can only comment on discussions with a small amount of comments... if I try to comment on one with a full page of comments, the "post comment" button is covered by the block at the bottom, unless I zoom in to 200% and the menu at the side is at the bottom instead.

Edit: this is happening with the "Log In" button as well, ;w;

download city

i notice that on some rare days, the download stat on my account shoots through the roof, as in it overtakes views, etc. today is one of those days. anyone else experience such days? is this an understood phenomenon? e.g., a new, quiet, yet avid fan? a new roaming bot? a bug within the stats?

Website issue

if I have my website at its normal 100% zoom, why is there a blue/black box at the bottom of the screen that covers up stuff at the bottom of my screen (such as the save button, discriptions of songs, etc). It looks like this and it becomes quite annoying to move around, because I need to zoom out the entire website to move the stuff at the bottom upwards above the box... Can I get rid of the box, or at least make it not cover up stuff for no reason and have no way of moving the box?