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The ultimate musescore songbook

I have just created a group to compile a songbook of songs from Musescore (See group description for more detail, here's the link: We need all the people we can get to join, as it 30+ people to really kick start the path to publishing the song book, so it would be great for everybody to join!

Thanks in advance!

Any kind of feedback is accepted and encouraged!
I'm unsure if I should expand upon this... whatever you would call it I made several months ago for my anthropomorphic lucario persona (based on Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal's OST) or just scratch it and make a completely new score.

I'm not proficient in creating original compositions, and I lack the knowledge of many terms, but I'm going to get better and I hope to one day make my own large music piece.

(You're probably triggered because I most likely used several terms in the wrong ways.)

Solo compositions (for music assignment at school)

Hey, so I tried composing for the first time for an assignment for Year 7 music and I'm confident (sort of...) about them! To explain the very short lengths of these pieces, the requirements were to have the length at least be 12-16 bars long and it had to be in C Major or C Pentatonic Scale (and no other modulations other than that with the exceptions of accidentals). Hope you like them and any constructive criticism are more than welcomed.

So for the first piece, I kinda wanted it to be a circus theme, so I had a rough melody in my head that I've sworn I've heard from somewhere but couldn't really remember where I heard it from. After finishing it, I checked with my music tutor (outside of school) and she showed me a song in a beginners book that was identical in terms of the melody. But I'll still upload it for any criticism.
As for the second piece, this was composed in under half an hour, so please excuse my sudden transitions in the melody. Also, my teacher encouraged titles for our pieces and in a language of our choice so the captions are in no way intended to be an offense to the Hungarian language or culture. To save you time, the Hungarian captions translate to:

- 'Period 3: Class 8E1' (Title)
- 'Start of class' (i think...) (first caption Bar 1)
- 'Reverie' (second caption Bar 5)
- 'Snap back into reality' (third caption Bar 9-10)
- 'Back to studying' (fourth caption Bar 13)
- 'End of class' (fifth caption Bar 15)
- 'Transition' (last caption Bar 16).