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interested in new soundfonts and soundeffects in your music ?

Consider joining
This has been a paid political announcement.
Not really.
I mean, yes join
But no, it has nothing to do with politics
I don't receive any compensation for this announcement
Except the warm glow of having you join our group.


Thanks to all the new members for joining our banana party. There seem to be quite a few 'banana' composers here at musescore, whether ithe music is about the fruit banana or banana fish or banana fairies or whatever or if the music is just plain banana silly. Post your music, tell your friends. I even heard that some higher up in the government was thinking of joining since they have lots of experience in being completely bananas.

I've moved to Muse 3 at last at last---halleluja!

I've moved to Muse 3 - installed it on my home workstation tonight and it successfully saved and opened new scores - and it successfully opened and saved old scores - halleljua!

Relevant background - until now my new travel workstation could run Muse 3 and open / save files but NOT my old home workstation (yes I posted the issue---twicefold through two Muse 3 versions---but now...whatever this patch is...*sniff*...wipes eyes--- it works! : )

In honor of this I am at last at last upgrading to... dare I say it... Pro *checks wallet* yep : )

seriously... no kappa... am glad I can do this

cheers to the devs!

Banana contest 1

Write a song about a lonely tarantula that lives in a banana bunch.
The grand price is a vierual bunch of ripe bananas. Now, for a limited time, as a added amazing bonus, a free virtual tarantula. No, I'm lying. Must be the toxin from the tarantula bite that's affecting me. Dizzy dizzy it's all going dark.

Keep getting spam comments, frustrating

I keep getting spam comments in my discussions. They all seem to have 1 thing in common, they either advertise something, or they are total nonsense. None of them are my followers in case you want to know. The most recent case of this happened here:

Now, I was just trying to get ideas on how to vary the theme in question. Here is a quote from that post that I made:

This is my second attempt at doing a Theme and Variations. With my first  attempt, I used the A minor section of Rondo Alla Turka. But I didn't get very far with it. So this time I'm taking a different theme as my original theme and I'm varying it. It is the most well known theme in existence. Yes, the original theme that I'm varying is the first theme of Beethoven's fifth. 

As you can see, I'm just asking for ideas on how to vary the theme. And there is no activity for several hours, and then I get a comment. I expect it to be a comment with an idea, or at least one related to the piece. But no, the first comment that I get is total spam, advertising "anti-spam for emails". I usually just ignore these spam comments, but it is getting frustrating to get these spam comments. I went ahead and marked the comment as spam and made a post here.

Why do I keep getting these spam comments, and how frequently do you get a notification from your discussion and look at it and it turns out to be a spam comment? At least I don't get them very often, but still, it frustrates me that I get spam comments nonetheless.