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Cookies vs cookie dough

1. Cookies have more textural variety. You can have crunchy cookies. Soft cookies. A mixture between the cookies. The dough? Depending on which kind, they're pretty similar with hardly any variety. They're just either goopy or squishy. But with cookies, you can achieve the dough effect by not cooking it as much, getting the best of both worlds.
2. It's better for ones with chocolate chips. Melted chocolate inside of a cookie? It's hard to best that.
3. Dipping cookies in milk is amazing. Dipping cookie dough in milk is a sin. Nothing more to be said.
4. Health risks of salmonella. While I've never gotten or knew someone who got salmonella from cookie dough, and it's probably not easy to, you're more likely to get that from cookie do than baked cookies.
What are your opinions?

Metal on Violin

I really like heavy metal, but the problem is that theres little to no sheet music for Violin of some heavy metal songs. I especially like Iron Man by Black Sabbath, and in honor of the events that happened in Endgame, I myself made Violin solo sheet music for Iron Man, heres a link:
Please leave a like if you enjoy it :D. If you have any suggestions asto what i should try to do next, please leave a reply :)

Christian Worship New Composition - Jesus My Confidant

Hi Listener,

Any Feedback on this song???

This song is free to all, but any changes to the melody should be intimated.

If you like this music and the song, you can go ahead and use it in your worship time to glorify our Lord Jesus.  You can add more Verse(s) to this song and share it with me so that I can also use it.

Praise The Lord
God Bless You


Please pray for me...

So about a week and a half ago my parents split up... We are a very christian family and things like this are not supposed to happen. It has been very hard on me and my siblings. and at first I was asking questions like "God, What did I do?" "Why did you make this happen?" "If You really love me why did my dad leave?"

But then about two days later, I started singing... I started singing hymns, and worship songs, sad songs, happy songs, but all songs to God. I started reading my bible more and seeing in every verse how God loves me. That He never stops loving me and that yes, my faith will be tested. But when Satan sends the hardest things at me God will NEVER leave.

I am not saying that it's not hard. I'm not saying that my heart doesn't ache, that I wonder how my life could have fallen apart in ten minutes, and that I don't pray every second for a miracle and that Dad will come home.
What I'm saying is that I can bear this because I have God. Who loves me unconditionally. thats what makes it bearable.

I gave myself to Jesus last year, I have not yet been baptized but I hope to be soon.
This has been my first test of faith since I said "God, I'm yours,"

It's not easy...
In fact I have to work hard every day to get out of bed and not just start bawling.
But God has my back...And that's enough...

Please pray for my family, pray for a miracle. And pray that God will give me the strength I need to get through this.

I'm trying to be brave and strong. But I need prayer. I'm struggling. I'm not ok. But I'm trying to be.


Ok, I am trying to make a score with different instruments, but I realized I needed another instrument. Any idea how to add it instead on copy and pasting it to a new score? If there is a shortcut, please reply:D! If not, that should be fixed in an update. Thank you!

Cymbal Muted Crashes

Hello! I am trying to add muted cymbal crashes to my marching cymbal part but there is no sound in MDL for this. Would I be able to add it myself or is this simply not possible? Sorry, I'm not very savvy with this program.
Edit: I've been trying to edit the .sfz, and it's quite difficult. Is there an easy way to do this with Polyphone or is there an easier program to use?


What are your thoughts on it?

I can not understand Transgenderism.
If you are born a girl, you are a girl. Nothing can change that.
If you are born a boy, you are a boy. It's not that hard to understand. 

But that is why we debate about it so please show me the other side of this argument.