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Counting game anyone?

Literally we are just gonna count and see how high we get. There’s no count breakers, so it’s just for the thrill lol. Feel free to write normal comments, but make sure you include the number we’re on. And don’t make separate replies. Instead, just tag a user. If there is an error and you messed up or whatever, try and edit the comment before you delete it.
Have fun!

Who is going to Elevate 2019!?

If you dont know what Elevate is, it is in Ohio and is a youth activity. You stay up till around 2:00 to 3:00 am :P and you get to do Ice skating and go to Get Air (amazing trampoline place in Ohio :P ) The service is like....4 hours :I *oof* but its fun and Jesus get away :) One thing my church dose is on Saturday, there is 6 hours to do what ever so me and my friends are going to the mall that is near by! This year, they are also doing something different. They are going to have a prayer bus and whoever wants to can do it but you get on the bus and go into town and minister to people :) So, who all is going?

Why have a score for Bodhrán?

There is debate in the Bodhrán community, as to whether the playing should be written down or not. No Bodhrán player I know plays a tune the same way twice, and it is very much playing with the feel of the music.

Having said that, when I first started Bodhrán drumming I found it useful to have a guide as to what to do, so adding Bodhrán to MuseScore may help beginners. Also it would be useful to have the drumming added to a Tin Whistle score, for example, which gives a feel for what the two instruments will sound together.

However if you are dead set against Bodhrán notation, then I understand :-)