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Glissando across both staves of piano score bug?

I have this score I'm working on (a transcription), and while I'm able to extend a glissando across both staves, it causes a weird increase in space between the treble and bass staves, and it's not stable either, it sort of drifts when the score is recalculated.

I've fallen back to separate glissandos in the bass and treble clef (e.g. bar 59 of, but it looks wonky and of course doesn't really convey that it's one rolling chord from top-to-bottom (or bottom-to-top).

Latest 3.0 version, Mac.

Successive comment edits skip versions.

Just happened again.  I posted a comment to a score.  I then decided i wanted to edit it, add some text.  I did so.  Fine.  Then a few minutes later, I decided I want to change it again, and clicked "edit".  The edit I had just made was not reflected in the text presented to me to be edited; the earlier edit was lost.

Upload of some MuseScore V3 scores still doesn't work

This problem has existed for several months now, I wonder if it will ever get fixed?

I believe the problem is limited to MS V3 scores. I now have several scores which after upload are being processed for a very log time and eventually the link to the score will result in a "Page not found" message. 
I've tried to export one of the scores to MusicXML and import it in MuseScore V2. 
When uploaded the MS V2 version of the score is processed as expected and available. This is not a feasible workaround as quite some layout adjustments would need to be applied.

Voices in Musescore 3

Adding this here because last time I put something in forums I got not reply.
The percussion voices in musescore 3 are screwed up and I can't fix them. If I select the "percussion" instrument, the voices are all screwed up (i.e. the concert cymbal sounds like finger cymbals and the hi hat sounds like a bass drum). This only happened after I downloaded new soundfonts onto musescore. Did I do something wrong or is there a bug in the program or...?

Deleting a slur/tie in a score


I am working on a score. There is a slur/tie I have to delete, but nothing happen when I click on it. It does not become blue. Tried everything. I was stretching measures to fit over few pages. So the position of notes and measures shifted, but everything on a place, beside one slur. It stack on the page and cannot be moved or highlighted etc. at all. Anyone ever has had this problem? How to solve it?

Instrument list and search capabilities

Dear staff,
I have few topics to raise regarding the musescore web site :

1.When I use a custom soundfont, the instrument list on the website is completely wrong.

2. Is there a way to keep the correct list and the custom soundfont at the same time? Even a manual insertion (i.e. like inserting tags) could be fine.
Would it be possible to select a MIN number of instruments and not (only) the exact number?

3. Modified scores should be also brought back in the browse page as they could contain huge changes. Is there a way to achieve that?

Enrico playback not completing online

I have written a piece and need to send it to my choir to use for rehearsal tracks. The problem I'm finding is that the tracks stop half way through for no reason at all when they try and play them, same with me. I think some of them are doing it on phones or tablets if that makes a difference, have tried on a few scores I've uploaded and they all have the same problem. Anyone know what could be causing this?