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Scroll bars in embeddable widget

I haven't tried using the embed widget for scores in a while, but I recently started to have a need for this.  It's great, except 0 the scroll bars seems to never function.  It shows nothing available to scroll (or only a millimeter in either direction) so I can't view the entire page except when full screen.  I've tried playing with the height parameter but other than changing the height, no effect on scrolling.  Is this a known issue, some parameter I need to set, or what?

Trumpet part is accenting every note when I upload it to MuseScore?

I'm working on a piece that's supposed to be floaty and lyrical, not at all harsh or strong. In the actual MuseScore program, my trumpet part plays notes one volume the whole way through. No accenting or decrescendoing after the start of the note. But when I upload the piece to, and listen to it there, the trumpet part noticeably accents every note, and it sticks out like crazy. How can I fix this?

Help moi

I have a cousin who says that classical music is boring and I'm like ok and then he's like can I listen to what you're listening to and I'm like sure and he's like ew classical and whenever he refers to classical music he calls it "boring classical music"                        -Mint

I'm a copycat

I'm gonna do the guess my favorite thing
I'll follow you if you can get 3 right
You can guess twicee
Difficulty levels included because I'm a copycat
Wut's moi favorite:

1. juice (eh)
2. food (kinda hard i guess)
3. subject (pretty easy)
4. drink (easy i think)
5. composer (there are two) (eh)
6. song/piece (veryvery difficult)
7. color (eh)
8. hobby (EZ PZ)
9. instrument (hard)
10. number (bet you can't read my mind)
btw don't be like @-Super-Goron- and don't be a copycat

Your chance to get another follower...[Old discussion]

See if you can answer all these questions about me. You are allowed 2 times of guessing, because I won't tell you the answers, just how many you got right.

What is my favorite?:
1. Color. (Top favorite).
2. Bird. (Easy).
3. Song (I mean Hymn, and if you get one of my two favorites, I'll still give it to you).
4. Animal (Besides birds).
5. Tree. (Hard).
6. Flower. (You need memory for this one).
7. Vacation spot. (If you get the area where the place is, I'll still give it to you).
8. What color are my eyes? (Hard).
9. What is my least favorite color? (Come on! This one is easy).
10. Who knows me the best on Musescore? (Besides myself. LOL!)

So, I had to throw in a few that I've never mentioned the answer before, but if you can get all of the questions answered correctly, I'll follow you. However, if I'm already following you, you will just received a congratulations for answering them correctly. :D Also, if you get the majority right (over 6), I'll still follow you.

P.S. This will give you all a chance to get to know the invisible person, that nobody notices, better. JK. LOL! really bored I have a contest for trivia about me
I will only say which ones you got right
I have ten questions that are probably going to be easy because I've probably said most of the answers in previous discussions

1. What is my real name?
2. Where do I live?
3. What is my favorite symphony of all time?
4. What is my primary instrument?
5. What is my secondary instrument?
6. Who is my favorite composer?
7. Who is my second favorite composer?
8. What color are my eyes?
9. How many fugues have I written?
10. How good were said fugues?

if you get 5 right you get a follow
if you get 7 right I will give you a shoutout
if you get them all right I will write a piece of music of your choice