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Weird online playback fault, seen on a "new" Upload ...

This recent upload (- not mine -) behaves *very* strangely during online playback. The actual soundtrack plays through the entire sequence of measures, just once, as-if neither the |:  and :| Repeat signs nor the 1st and 2nd Volta lines were present. However the pink box *does* follow the Repeats and Endings *visually* until the sound-track runs out 'early' - leaving the pink box stopped half-way through the score ! 
Interpretation: I suspect that this upload probably consists of a older, PD score (downloaded from a well-known PD Transcriber) and then modified and re-uploaded using a later version of the Software. *If* this is the result of another 'Version 2 / Version 3' upload-processing conflict, it is going to be *very* unhelpful to anyone who legitimately wishes to download an older PD score, and re-upload a new arrangement or other work based upon it ? Please will Staff look into this occurrence? Thank You !
P.S. The Score-page score-window 'cut off along the bottom' problem that I reported previously, is still present: . On some score-pages, as much as the lower third of the score-window appears 'blank white', and the lower scroll-button cannot be seen ...


I want to start uploading audio files of my music on Distrokid, but I have a question.
Would it be copyright infringement for using the playback feature with a soundfont(sontina symphonic)? I would personally consider it fair-use at most because it is sampled and I am not selling the soundfont.
What are your thoughts?