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Searching for tech support on a stuck upload

I can't find an exact forum for this question. It has been two days since I uploaded a small score with audio attached, and it is "stuck" processing with no way to delete it. Attempts to delete redirect to a page-not-found. In short, the score is not findable or removable and it is using up one of my limited score slots. I used the Contact Musescore option here, asked on the dot-org site, even posted a query on the Facebook page. Wits end here.

Changing the default audio...?

So, my two most recent uploads were for some reason not recognizing the instruments I'd selected for playback, and instead playing the melodies on goofy other instruments. I thought I had fixed this after switching to pro, and going into the settings and picking the correct instruments....only to find that when I go back to the same files, the "goofy" instruments are there again. Am I missing something here...?  Or am I stuck with my files being played by default with the cello being replaced by a random percussion instrument?

How does one unhide scores?

I save some of my MuseScore files online but make them private so I could access them while I'm on my phone, but I realized that doing so made my public scores hidden. I tried to fix this problem by just re-uploading the score as a different one. Is there another way to make my hidden scores public again or do I just re-upload them?

MuseScore-Android group: Last post?

 The "Discussions" page of the MuseScore-Android group displays at the  right of each thread the name of the member who opened the thread, when  the thread was opened and the number of answers. 
I miss the (imho important) info, when the last answer/comment has been posted. I would like that to be added if possible. 
Already posted here:
Other forums do it better, e.g. this one:

Musescore Saying I Have Hit the Upload Limit, But I Haven't

Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to post this, so I would kindly appreciate if someone could direct me to the appropriate forum, but I hope this is the place. I've been using the free version of musescore for a while, and I recently deleted one of my five pieces from my profile so as to upload another, but when I hit upload, it says "Hey, you have hit the limit of 5 scores. If you want to continue uploading, you'll have to upgrade your account." However, my scores page says quite clearly "You can still upload 1 out of 5 scores." I'm a loyal fan of musescore, but I don't have the ability to pay for a full version, so this is a little frustrating. Any help would be deeply appreciated.

MuseScore beta doesn't open local files

I just installed the songbook beta. I'm not able to open locally stored  MSCZ files from a file manager as I did it all the time with the recent  songbook 1.13.
The error message says that I should allow storage access at
Settings > Apps > MuseScore > Permissions > Storage.
My tablet has Android 4.4 and I cannot find that setting. I can find 
Settings > Apps > MuseScore Mobile 
(not just "MuseScore" as in the error message), but
Permissions > Storage
just explains that setting but offers no possibility to change anything.

I already reported that by mail to"> a week ago and got no answer till now. What's the best way to report issues with MuseScore beta?

Trying to Add Scores to my Groups

It has been a while since I added a score to all of my groups. For several days, now, I have (for some reason) been limited to either two groups, or no groups at all when trying to add my scores to my groups. I have left messages with the site in hopes of getting this fixed, and I am sure they are very busy and will try to get it fixed as well. I just wanted to let folks know where I've been.

Thanks for your time.

Pay for Public Performer license

Hi. As someone who uploads some scores, I find the circumstances of how this site works a bit strange. It's a bit awkward in my opinion, that people who contribute, have to pay, to contribute!?!. While other people having the possibility to download and profit from the work I do, to submit scores and have a good quality of arrangements. I like this website, but I don't understand this special politics that are present here. If I'm uploading music, and also have to pay for, I was thinking, that at least, as I'm choosing the puplic license, that allows my stuff to be shared and downloaded for private use, I don't want people to even make money with it, when I'm the one who has all the countles hours of work with this.
Don't get me wrong, I am for an open and mostley free community, but this is not the way it should work in my opinion.

Therefore I would like to have the possibilty to charge a certain price, if someone wants to publicly perform something I wrote down. In form of a buyable "Public Performer License" (Paypal would be a good and uncomplicated option).Would this be possible? Of course, it still won't be allowed to record and distribute the content, without consent.

Also, as I reconed that only one admin is present in this group, no idea if the posts here are making any sense at all anymore

Suggest to add folder concept in next songbook version

Could add folder concept and save in sdcard/exsdcard in next version?

This will be more convenient for user manage all lots of files. I have 100+ songs. And sometimes practice have suit of song. Folder idea will be convenient.
And more convenient to copy to another device.
Or reset device use this way to restore all lots of personal data!

Under this concept, add a backup function to save this folder as a zip file to anywhere.

Musescore app
List show
Folder01 (click expand show 01,02)
Folder02 (click expand show 01,02)
Folder03 (click expand show 01,02)
Root folder files (show 01,02)

In device storage
.File for settings of each song in this folder
.File for settings of each song in this folder
.File for settings of each song in this folder
Root folder
.File for settings of each song in this folder

Score search by specific patterns

Hi, this is my first post here, motivated by the idea of tossing some ideas around rather than experimenting more in a vacuum. I posted on but was advised here was better.

This exploration has 2 dependencies.  Firstly, what elements within a score file are searched when a text string is entered in the score search dialog, and whether this can be expanded by any means if limited to text fields, such as title/composer etc. Secondly, can xml or whatever code used be accessed and then searched using any technique? I imagine this could be quite processor intensive if all the scores are stored compressed with only the text elements as searchable "tags".  What exactly IS searched?

My initial motivation for this was to search for scores containing specific time-signatures, which didn't yield any useful results by entering the time signature in the search dialog.  Then I though about this for a while, and thought... wow... how far down the pipe is the melody search engine, where a string of note values could be entered and matching scores returned?  Using the internet-based versions of this kind of melody search reveals many limitations and surprises,  but I would guess that searching a more uniform database of scores as represented by musescore could be a lot "sharper" tool.

Any interest here among you folks?