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Space between staves. No "apply" button.


Dear musescore lovers,

I have a problem to change the space between staves in my Musescore 3. Read many discussions on the website, but none helps.
I have three buttons there:

"Ok". when I press nothing changes
"apply to all parts" (gray - cannot press it).
And I have no "apply" button. I reinstalled the program, but didnt help.

What can I try?



Create a Book?

Is there a way to combine multiple scores into one document such that I can create one PDF to upload for printing as a book?

I think I can copy and past them all into one large MS document and convert that, but I think that would involve a lot of manual steps of inserting breaks and frames? Is there a way to merge multiple scores?

If not in Muse Score, is there a way to merge the PDFs I've created? I've found a number of sites online that claim to do that quickly and easily for free, but so far every one of them lets me upload multiple PDFs and then asks for money, despite saying they were free.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.

PDF Conversion

I've used a PDF converter on the Musescore website before, but I can't find it anymore. The converter worked moderately well, and I hope that if it is removed that it will be back soon. If not, does anyone know where else I could go to convert PDF's into more useful forms for editing, etc?

Issue with Send to YouTube Video

Folks, when using the "Send to YouTube" feature, if no .mp3 file is chosen, then the size limit of 8min is not enforced (which allows me to create longer videos in YouTube -- tested with 16min+ video). However, when selecting a .mp3 of ~8min or greater, the web page turns all white (no progress bar) and no video is sent. Is there a reason that the "Send to YouTube" should have this strange limit when sending .mp3's?



My mom recently read an article that Christianity was no longer the top religion in America. My first thought was atheism, but u was suprised to learn that it was WITCHCRAFT. I wish I could say this was a joke, but I wouldn't make a subject as serious as this as a joke or mean it in that manner. The main root from it is things like Harry Potter (ik a lot of people read it/see the movies, and it seems innocent, but it is actually a leading root to this epidemic), but the number one root is from colleges. Ik that we know about them teaching things like atheism and other crap in non-Christian colleges, but witchcraft has gotten huge. They're teaching them how to cast spells and play around with other Satanic things. They say that sage is a way to keep bad spirits away. In fact, JCPenny is supporting this... they're selling sage makeup for the purpose of this. My mom's coworker has a daughter in college and one day, she say her daughter planting sage around her mom's house. When her mom confronted her about it, she said, "it's to keep the evil spirits away." Astounded, she talked some sense into her daughter and they ripped up all of the sage from her house. This is huge and something we need to pray about to try and stop this. Ik God hears our prayers, and He keeps them answered.... I'm sure He will answer ours. God bless.