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Here's some things I'd like to suggest for the next Musescore update

1. Change the timbre of the instruments from the brass section (soundfont issue)

What I noticed, mostly from the French horns and trumpets, is that the sound of the instruments at the forte dynamic is unrealistic. The brass is made up of powerful instruments. In fact most of the brass instruments, at that dynamic, have more force and "oomph" of them so they easily stand out. When I compose pieces for orchestra with the French horns, there were moments when they would be drowned out with the rest of the orchestra to the point where I can't hear them as much as I wanted them to. Same goes with the trumpets.

2. Adjust the vibrato

You guys did a great job implementing this into the instruments that deserve it (especially for strings). However there were moments when I wanna turn down the vibrato or increase the vibrato depending on the context of what I'm composing. Maybe a separate knob for this specific function would be nice.

3. Single note dynamic change for notes with tremolo

The single note dynamic changes have been one of my all time favorite Musescore updates and I'm extremely grateful for that. However I noticed that you didn't do the same thing with the notes with the tremolo feature. That needs to change.

4. Change the soundfont for some of these articulations for some instruments
- Strings with the "harmonic" articulation
- Strings with the "snap pizzicato" articulation

5. Adjust the glissando feature so that it spans two staves at once instead of just one so us Musescore users don't have to do this manually (for piano and harp)

You don't have to change all of these suggestions. Just offering some things to keep in mind based on my concerns with the latest updates in case you are willing to continue improving your software in the future. :)

Public/Open Discussions to All Groups?

I've noticed several people spamming "look at my score" discussions since the community page was released. I think it would be a great idea if there is a public/open discussion setting where you can tag all of the groups you want to share a discussion with. Then we wouldn't have to scroll past 20 duplicates of one particular discussion in the community page. The members of each of the groups tagged will see the discussion on their dashboards/community page once.

Almost there!

Hello, all! Update for you... we are in the process of filling moderator/challenge creator/judge positions! Check out the descriptions below and contact myself or Jay with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Moderator: As a moderator for J&J’s Challenges, you will create and update signups for challenges, answer participants’ questions, delete spam and other inappropriate posts/comments/scores from the group; however, you may not remove a user from the group without Jay’s permission. 
The ideal candidate will be a consistent and frequent Musescore user, positive and friendly, somewhat organized and good at explaining things. :)
Interested? Go to... 

Challenge Creator: As a Challenge Creator for J&J’s Challenges, you will brainstorm and fine-tune composition/arrangement contests on a monthly basis, and possibly post mini-challenges as well. You will work closely with the Judges’ Circle, considering their advice and ensuring they have the correct criteria to judge each submission. You will work closely with the Moderators to ensure each contest is released on deadline.
The ideal candidate will be a consistent Musescore user who has completed several original arrangements/compositions. A wide range of musical experience and a working knowledge of music theory are both important skills in this position. Creativity and innovation are essential traits. 
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Judge: As a member of the Judges’ panel, you will evaluate each submission to the contests, settle on a winner, and provide constructive feedback for each submission. Contests occur at least once a month, though not every judge is required to vote every time (this is to ensure that contests are completed in a timely manner, and allow for personal circumstances that prevent a judge from participating). Judges will work closely with the Challenge Creators to receive the criteria for each contest. 
Qualifications: The ideal candidate will have over 5 years of experience in music, with at least 1 year of experience as a composer/arranger. A firm grasp of music theory is important. Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate either a cursory knowledge of many musical genres/styles/eras, or extensive knowledge of one particular musical genre/style/era.
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