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'This item is temporarily unavailable' when trying to add MSCZ score to MuseScore Android 2.4.12 SongBook

I have version 2.4.12 of MuseScore on Android and I receive .mscz files from a friend who generates them using the latest non-Android version of MuseScore (probably Windows). I'm unable to add the last file (that I received a couple of days ago) to my Android SongBook. I've had many previous .mscz files that I've added and used successfully.

These are the steps I take:

* Start MuseScore
* Login (if asked)
* Select Library
* Select SongBook
* Tap '+' in top right corner
* Navigate to the folder containing the .mscz file(s)
* Tap the file I want
* Message 'Copying' is shown
* Message 'Opening' is shown
* Blank screen is shown (except for navigation / control options along the bottom of the screen)
* Tap 'back' button or choose back arrow in top left
* Library screen is shown (NOT SongBook screen)
* Select SongBook again
* SongBook shows an entry that is just a number (no score title)
* Tap the entry and message 'This item is temporarily unavailable' is shown
* Library screen is shown again

I tried starting from scratch (i.e. deleting app cache and deleting app data) which, of course, removed all my existing SongBook entries (I knew this would happen as I've been through this process previously in June - but it all worked that time!). However, now I find I can't add ANY of my .mscz files as I get the problem described above.

OK, in trying to resolve the initial problem it seems I might have inadvertently shot myself in the foot as I've lost all my existing SongBook entries and I can't re-add them now!

Nevertheless, the problem remains - why can I no longer add any .mscz file to my SongBook?

Thank you for any resolution.

What is your composition style and who inspires you?

The composer that influenced me the most is definitely Claude Debussy. I compose in an impressionistic style, which means that my pieces evoke imagery and a sense of story when listening, with some unique chords and controlled dissonance.

Some other compositional styles (not all of them, but some general ones):

Baroque - very structured, rule-abiding, very much single note voices, court dances.
Classical - sonata, orchestral pieces, structured and with set phrases, repetition and controlled expression.
Romantic - feeling-evoking, dramatic, freedom of expression, strong and contrasting note choices.
Impressionistic - image-evoking, a flowing and free tone, more dissonance, more chord choices.
Contemporary, modern, post-modern - jazz, blues, rag, that kinda music, lots of dissonance
Popular/good sounding - repetitive chord structure, very easy to listen to
Technical - compose for the purpose of exercising the fingers

I seem to have lost my Pro status

Although my status in my settings menu says I have an active pro membership, I still see a "start free trial" in the top right, and worse all except my most recent scores are showing as "hidden" in my scores page. Is this because I opted out of the use of my data by third parties? I do pay to use this site so should have a reasonable expectation that it works, and that you won't spam me.

My Challenge: Harmonization entirely by ear and intonation

So, I wrote down a few lines from Summertime...
I only knew the notes of the beginning maj 3rd...
I had to figure out the rest (which was relatively easy)
and then I went out to make the piece even greater (in my personal way)...

Everything is written down in the description of the piece...

Thx to Jacob Collier for giving me this great idea!

I'm asking for any of you to write a few harmonizations and send them to me in this discussion.
The one that's IMO the best and the person who wrote it will get some attribution in the description of the Summertime Harmonization
Only Rules are:
1. You don't know the whole piece by notes (Beginning and ending ARE allowed)
2. You CAN harmonize the whole piece but you MUSTN'T DO IT AT ALL COSTS
3. Have as much fun while doing it as possible :D

Have Fun and a nice listen ^_^


Classification system relies on user knowledge and good will

Go to 'Browse'. There are a large number (today) of excerpts (in some form) by Mozart marked as "Original". While these excerpts are greatly simplified from Mozart's score, marking them "Original" does not seem right.  Mozart isn't under copyright, but his intellectual property will last as long as human civilization.  On the other hand, I have written arrangements of works of great composers by significant additions that really are mine, but credit-sharing requires more subtlety than "check one of original or public domain."