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1. Will you be honest from now on?
2. If someone says, does or uploads something inappropriate, will you either, delete it (if u can) or tell me?
3. Will you notify important challenges, notification exc.. (w/o permission)
(Comment here not another discussion)

Wow! i am out of ideas!


1 to 3 is the same as mod
4. How will you find out if someone is bullying or something nasty?
5. How often will you check on here?
6. Will u understand at least 70% on what's going on?
7. Will you upload if i say challenge? (1 of 5 times)

Done! Viola!

New Album (Harvest, Celebration, and Rejuvenation) BOUNTIFUL Album

Please check these out and drop a comment or suggestion if you have one, I really appreciate it!!! Also follow me if you think I deserved it, I make great scores all the time and I'm looking forward to composing more for this group to hear!!!
#1 Harvest-
#2 Celebration-
#3 Rejuvenation-