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in Piano
I would like to compose fugue, but I have found that I have a lack of ability to compose polyphonic or contrapuntal structures. Therefore, I would like to have some basic exercises from the beginning.

Please give me some suggestions if you can. Your advice and suggestions would definitely help me!!!

(However, my public examination will be held in April, I may not upload such quickly.) 

Church Organ Mus8c

Am I the only person here who thinks that Mario Bros and it’s variants isn’t the place for Church Organ Music but TV, Film, and Games.

Also how many variants can you have on a theme of Mario Bro........

Not being fuddy duddy but when I look at a group called Church Organ Music I’d expect to see hymns, psalms and organ music which is public domain.

Help? Any Pros?

I was just wondering; I made a string trio arrangement and tomorrow we have a trio rehearsal so I want to print out parts but I don’t have Pro and won’t for a long time, would anyone here that’s pro be willing to do me a favor and download the individual parts PDFs and email them to me? That would be great