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Every Negative Action Should Be Confirmed by "Are you sure you want to X" Warning

This is an extension to the discussion

Negative Actions:

Leaving a Group
Unfavoriting a Score
Unsubscribing From a User
Deleting a Comment
Reporting Spam

There are probably a few more that I cannot recall at the moment. Right now it is very easy to unintentionally perform a negative action. 

I unintentinoalliy unsubscribed (at least) twice and only later when notice I did not follow a user who I was sure I had followed before I realized what I did. 
I unintentionally deleted (a positive) comment to one of my scores.
I am afraid I might have reported a spam a few days ago when reply to a discussion button was added and the only option in the menu was Report spam. 

I cannot be the only clumsy person on this site. Things like that did happen to others. A confirmation message before execution of negative actions would improve general MuseScore user experience. 

wonky stats?

the stats appear to be jumping around again... 
on previous occasions i noticed that the downloads would spike for a few days. (never got more than hypotheses about what was going on.) now i have my latest score racking up views faster than any before (it's currently number 9 out of >110 scores after less than two days). i know that there was just a change in the notifications about followers uploading a new score, but i can't imagine this explains all of this sudden supposed traffic. (if so, then i guess i shan't complain further and just say thanks for listening.)

Can we make this website live?

I was thinking, along with other requests, that we should have a green dot when someone is online. 
When you get a notification you don't know until you refresh the page, is there someway to make this a live website? The second someone replies or comments or anything to trigger a notification, it comes up immediately, or when having a conversation you don't have to constantly be refreshing the page.

Percussion Notes will make a seizure/static-like noise and lag out the program

First of all, Musescore 3 has brought many improvements in percussion-land for composing music, thanks. However, occasionally, percussion notes (especially marching snare) will make a seizure/static-like sound (like it is trying to play the note several times over again extremely quickly) during playback (and after turning off playback will sometimes make the same noise when selecting the note) and will lag out the program, or at least mess up the current playback. The problem is usually fixed after about 5-15 seconds, or can be fixed by selecting a different instrument that isn't percussion, but in rare cases that instrument will make that noise too. The problem isn't permanent and the work can be saved and reloaded without trouble. I have played with the mixer and my own speakers, and those don't seem to be connected to the problem. Hopefully this problem can be fixed because it causes the composing process to take a lot longer. 

Send to YouTube is producing some bizarre titles

A score title of: "Malagueña" from the Suite "España" (Op. 165 No. 3) ..." becomes becomes quoted characters with each '"' replaced by the escape sequence "&quot" when the score is sent to YouTube using the MS "Send To YouTube" option. It looks like there is a special character escaping issue that is new (older scores from last month do not have this issue).

This issue manifests itself in the title, subtitle and body text.

Please see:

New login interface

I'm not sure if it was just a test but the new login interface where the window pops up but doesn't take you to a new page looks great. I had it the first time I logged in today but I don't see it anymore. It's elegant and takes you straight to the dashboard instead of the Get Pro ad page. (Seriously. There are so many other Get Pro buttons it's really redundant. We know if/when we are getting Pro. Intentionally making the login more inconvenient will not change our mind. If anything, it'll just drive away new users who may want to go Pro later on.)

State explicitly whether a downloadable .mscz file is MuseScore version 2 or 3

... or at least state it for MuseScore v3 files to distinguish them stand out from the v1 and v2 files.

Since one cannot tell from the MuseScore file extension (.mscz) whether or not a file is V2 or V3, you have no way of telling whether the file you are downloading will open in your MuseScore 2, please consider adding the file version on the download page. Currently the link just states MuseScore, Open in MuseScore .

A workaround for a MuseScore 2 user downloading a V3 file, would be to download the MusicXML version instead, but this would save them the effort of downloading the unusable MuseScore 3 version file first. 

(We have a discussion about the file extension version number at )