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How to max-out MuseScore for Music Engraving

(This is mostly layout-based)
Just seeing behind-the-scenes videos on pit orchestras in the world of musical theater, I always wanted to do what the professionals do in their layout of the parts distributed among the players. I've done my first run on the making a custom layout of a score and it's parts. (ALL OF THE THINGS INSIDE THE FILE ARE 100% MUSESCORE MADE) Feel free to inspect everything I've done and compare it to the default settings. [Inspect via: Text Properties][Elements to inspect: Music No. and Fonts]

New äpp: controls unusable after orientation change

With the new äpp (this time, the correct version), when the rotation changes while a score is playing, playback continues, and 2–3 seconds afterwards, the screen representation has also caught up, but the controls are unusable: the “jump to beginning” one still works, for example, but the “pause” one becomes a “play” button that does nothing, so the playback can only be stopped by hitting the back button (changing orientation back also doesn’t fix it).

404 Errors

 When viewing a score using Google Chrome, I inspected the page by pressing F12.
After selecting the console tab, the following errors were identified:
"musescoreIcons.ttf" and "musescoreIcons.woff" reported a 404 error.
" reported a 404 error as well as an "Error while trying to use the following icon from the Manifest: (Download error or resource isn't a valid image)" 

Parts PDF download throws XML Error document instead

This concerns one specific score by @Mike Magatagan namely the score
If you click "Download" and choose "PDF including Parts"  the returned document is not a PDF but a "Not Found" error in XML format such as:

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>

All other export formats work fine.

As a test I've downloaded that score in mscz format, opened it up with musescore 2.3.2 and used "Save online" to save it privately into my account (private url ). From there I can download the PDF with parts without issues.
Mike already tried to "update" his score by resaving the score to his account; we were hoping this would force the musescore server to regenerate this PDF. Alas this seems to not work.

Can someone on your end ( @Ximich or @abruhanov probably) debug this and/or force the server to generate that file?

Order online sheetmusic

It is mentioned before, but nothing don with it.

Sorting the list with sheetmusic on Title, Coments, Composer or other fields is not a nice to havebut a real must.

The now used default sorting on most recent update is the most useless sorting,

When the number of scores are growing and growing you realy need sorting.

Please add this to the website its not that difficult to implement and will be a great joy for all youre users