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My score went corrupt, Musescore software can't read it, Needs fixed

I know that this isn't related to, but this is troubling me. I already posted on and it has been an hour and still no answer. I still remember the notes that I put in, so I can write another version of the score while this original version gets fixed. 

I rebooted my computer and I am fairly certain that before the reboot, I saved the file. A computer reboot doesn't normally cause the score to go corrupt to the point that Musescore software can't read it. It normally just causes there to be a dialog asking if I want to restore previous session when I open the Musescore software.

Here is the link to my post:

I included the OS and the Musescore version in the post because I figured they would both be helpful.

I need help.

I have a friend who suffers from extreme anxiety and depression. Shes had it since about 5th grade, and it's caused her to miss a lot of school. Every year, it seems to get worse and she misses more school. The thing that kind of scares me about her is that she can easily put on a mask that says,"Everything is just hunky dory!", and doesn't tell us what's going on because she doesn't want to worry us. About a month ago, she took a psyche exam and was said to have 7 different types of anxiety and depression, and her brain can't handle all of it and it makes her body physically sick. For her treatment, she has to force herself to go to school even if she doesn't think she can.

On Thursday, I was in piano lab and she wasn't at school. Halfway through the class, I see her walking in with her older brother. I was excited to see her there until I noticed that she was crying and he was holding her up. He said,"Take her and walk her into class". I was super confused but took her in asking what was wrong, and she didn't tell me. Luckily, she had treble choir first and they're like a support group. They helped cheer her up. She said that she was forced to go to school like the treatment stated, but it didn't go well.

But here's where I need help: how do I help her with all that shes going through? I text her and try to help her with stuff and homework, but she doesn't tell me a lot of what's going on because she doesn't want to worry me. I try to invite her to friend things and monday, were having a hallmark movie marathon with her and another close friend. How should I help take care of a friend who's suffering with this much anxiety? Sorry if it's a lot of stuff, but I believe that the more details can help give a better understanding of the situation.

Favorite WGI/DCI Shows?

What is your favorite DCI (Drum Corps International) and/or WGI (Winter Guard International) show? Mine are:
Babylon SCV 2018(DCI)
Metamorph Blue Devils 2017(DCI)
The Uninvited Pulse 2017(WGI)
We The People Vigilantes 2016 (WGI)
Hold On Vigilantes 2017 (WGI)
Drum Corpse Bride The Academy 2016(DCI)
Beast Carolina Crown 2018(DCI)
The Static Vigilantes 2019(WGI)
The Secret Zoo Monarch Independent 2019(WGI)

Cursor ahead of time when playing a score

Since a few days, when playing a score with Musescore on my tablet, I can see the vertical bar moving well ahead (approximatly  half a measure) of the note that is actually played.
This make the following of a score quite difficult, as the note that is highlighted is different from the one that is played.
My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, with Android 7.0C
Can anybody help me on that ?
Thank you