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Who likes this epic one word at a time story?

   Once there was your mama. Ye, then yo mama kild a neighbor's horse. Then she decided that butchering humans was not fun enough, so she decides to kill lemons. The lemons aren't dumb, so they decide to kill lemons. The lemons aren't dumb, so they decide to kill and torture yo bananas! Yo mama wanted to avenge the loss of yo bananas. She created the Avengers, and kills the beans. The beans are now extinct on planet Earth. So are yo bananas. Yo mama is mourning them. 
The End...
... of yo mama
I know it's nonsense.
In collaboration with @ImSoSaxy .

Biography [2] Mnmwert

due to my horrendously busy schedule I have not posted this. But this is one of the biographies that got deleted. It is a lot the same but I believe written a lot better thanks to @colorsofsound1. So here it is...…...

Welcome to Musescore News and Biographies. Today we have the honor of interviewing fellow musescorer Micah, more widely known by his musescore name - ♩♫𝓂𝓃𝓂𝓌𝑒𝓇𝓉♫♩. Our guest is a Musescore veteran with over one thousand four hundred followers as of writing. He is also an active member in multiple groups such as the RSA community.

News: Hello! It’s great to have you here with us today, Micah. Let’s start with a simple question, why do you think people follow you?
Micah: I think people follow me because I give them something back. The goal of my music is to give glory to God, and to inspire and heal those who listen to it. I also think that my story of how I came to music inspires people to accomplish their dreams. I'm also able to write in almost any style, so I have a very diverse audience.

News: Certainly! Would you consider yourself successful?
Micah: Well, If this is where God wants me to be right now, then yes I consider myself successful. But I do have a dream of where I want to be when I am an adult, and I have a list of goals that I need to accomplish to get there.

News: Sounds great! You do have a large following, but, which followers are your most active ones?
Micah: There are a good amount, so I'm sorry if I forget anyone of you but: Kenobiingdolon2019, Lizzapie, Rebecca Y, Robin M. Butler, Elliot Butler, Lariendeslapins and Noble Ewe.

News: Well, on the topic of following; why do you follow others? Do you have a checklist for things?
Micha: I don't have a checklist on what makes me follow other people (laugh). I generally follow people when something about their music appeals to me. Lizzapie, Robin M. Butler, Elliot Butler, and Celthyan all right awesome film music. Rebecca Y writes some amazing piano solos, and Kyle Soliz, who I followed more recently writes some amazing pieces with the piano and a pad. Other times I follow people if I've gotten into a cool conversation with them, or if they are nice.

News: Moving on, why do you think you are one of the top users of this platform?
Micah: To be honest it depends what you mean by top users. In regards to me being a top user in terms of comments, I love this site a lot, and thought, well this is something I can be good at. Who knows, someday I may be no. 1. Although, I have a couple of contenders. In terms of music I've never really considered myself to be a top user, there are plenty of people on this site who compose much better than I (do), or have a much larger following. I don't really mind though, I'm just here because of my love of music. In terms of my followers though I was added to a recommended user section last year during a trial period, and so I gained most of my followers within a span of a week, as everyone who was creating a profile saw my profile. Although I didn't really like it at first, I can't say I didn't mind it later. Other people though disagreed and the devs took down that feature. I don't mind that though, I'd rather have people follow me because of my music then because I was recommended.

News: That’s amazing! Who are your first and last followers right now?
Micah: My first follower was rkarle, and as of writing this my most recent follower was EMH@2018. Shout out to them and the rest of my followers, thank you guys so much!

News: What made you gain so much popularity?
Micah: As I said earlier, I gained most of my followers while I was in a recommended section in musescore. As for being a 'top user' in terms of comments, it really kicked off about a year ago when I hit page two. I felt like this was something I could really accomplish, and I've been working at it ever since.

News: Alright, who are your favorite musescorers?
Micah: I have a lot of favorites on musescore. At the moment I'm really liking Lizzapie, Robin and Elliot Butler, Celthyan, Rebecca Y, and Kyle Soliz, among others. In the past I really liked Aaron David and Mollymawk when they were active.

News: Okay. Do you have a ‘‘most embarrassing moment’’?
Micah: Oh wow that is a tough one, well lets see... When I was around 8 or 9, I played a piece in Suzuki Book 4 (Vivaldi A minor mvt 1). There was this really difficult passage that I was worried about which I worked very hard on, but unfortunately I ended up messing it up so bad I had to stop the pianist and completely restart the entire piece. I was really embarrassed, but everyone came up to me afterwards and congratulated me on staying up there and playing through it even though I had messed up. My parents were also proud of me. I learned that it doesn't matter whether you mess up if you've practiced, so long as you enjoy yourself.

News: So, outside of music; do you have any other hobbies?
Micah: Hobbies..... Well at the moment beyond school I really don't do much except for reading. I love to read, whether it be fiction or nonfiction. I love some of the older classics, and 20th century dystopian. I just finished reading Gulliver's Travels. In the past I'd play some video games or dabble in some computer programming but after a while I didn't really have time for that anymore.

News: As has been tradition; we will end this interview on a light note. The question is: what is your favorite color?
Micah: My favorite color is yellow, like the sun. It helps me brighten up especially when I'm feeling more blue.

News: Alright, Micah. It was a blast to have you here with us today and thank you for your time!
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Unable to import to MuseScore iOS

After a recent update I'm no longer able to import anything (.mscz files) into the iOS MuseScore App. After one update it removed my entire library I had imported, so I imported a load again. Now I find I can't import anything anymore. This is the same on my iPad as well as my iPhone.

To import, on the Desktop version of MuseScore I type up the music I want & save it into a cloud based location (iCloud Drive) as a .mscz file. I then go to that location on my iPad, tap on the share button & select Copy to MuseScore.
If I do this now, the MuseScore App will flash open, but nothing will happen. When I do this the file should be accessible via Library > SongBook.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? There have been a few more minor updates since, but the issues persists.

If you'd like anymore information regarding this, please let me know.