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Adding a new Pickup measure with a new time signature at the middle of a piece

Hi everybody! I'm glad to join this group.  I'm trying to make a new arrangement (after a request) of Beethoven's song 'Adelaide' Op. 46.  At the middle of the piece Beethoven changes the time signature from 4/4 to Alla Breve.  Before the new time signature we have a double bar line at the third quarter (since the beginning of the song starts with a pick up measure) and the new section starts with Alla Breve also with a pick up measure.  How is it possible to write this with Musescore?  Any ideas please?

Hi y'all!

 I uploaded a scherzo for solo violin , check it out:

It's really horrendous !

Hope you enjoy!

                                           THAN WELCOME~

Notenames added on MuseScore 3 disappear or corrupt when uploaded and viewed on iPad Musescore application

OS: macOS 10.15, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 
I’ve recently downloaded the iPad application in order to play scores that I’ve uploaded to my private MuseScore account with the note names added on to them. I’m encountering a problem however. When I add the note names on my computer as per the;
“ Right click on stave > Stave/part properties > Advanced style properties > Notehead scheme: Pitch names > OK > Apply > Ok “ function it works perfectly on my computer, when I upload the score to musescore however and try and view them on my iPad application a lot of the notes turn white which is frustrating as I cannot sight read properly.
Thanks in advance for your help :)

Photos attached to original post here, was asked to re-direct it to the team!

instrument players. i need your help!

I was looking for composers who will help me create a song for a school talent show, and I won't be able you pay you but I will credit you with helping me. because I'm in a select choir and will be pursuing a music career I can mention you names to many people. also if I do I may be able to get you more people to ask you to create and maybe earn money from those people.