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Original Compositions

Hi, I am pretty new to composing (only started 2-3 years ago). I have played piano for about 7 years now and cello for 3. I made these songs and any critique, feedback, or suggestions, etc. on my scores are welcome. This would be greatly appreciated Thanks :)
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Musescore uses a Metal Gear Solid Soundfont?

I just realized something very unexpecting. I was listening to a song called "Mantis' Hymn" from the video game called "Metal Gear Solid." As I was listening to the song, I heard something that sounds quite familiar; the "Choir Aahs" that is available on Musescore on the default Soundfont. I'm sure the composers did some equalizing but I'm pretty sure "Choir Aahs" is used. After a little bit of research on Wikipedia, I realized that Metal Gear Solid, 1998,  was made before the existence of Musescore and anything related to Musescore, somewhere between 2002-2008. I don't think anybody took the time to somehow go through the files of the game and rip the Soundfonts that were used but now I'm sure Musescore didn't make their own Soundfonts; at least not all of them. Now it begs me to question where the Soundfonts came from. If anyone is interested, this is the song I'm talking about: 

PMs not showing up when I go to

They always used to give a notification AND re-appear at the top of my messages page in bold if I had closed the discussion.  Recently I realized that it wouldn't show up until I go to that person's profile and click the envelope.  How can I ensure I don't miss a PM???  (Besides not hiding any of them, which for me is not really an option because I have so many and I close it when the conversation is over to show it doesn't need my attention.)  Thank you for your time and solution.