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Deinem Heimkehr-Kleid sollten passende Schmuckstücke und Schuhe

 Sie leuchten, wenn Sie den Ball in das schulterfreie Taille-Ballkleid  mit trägerloser Taille eingeben. Dieses atemberaubende Saphirkleid  besteht aus irisierendem Taft mit schwarzen Akzenten an der Brust und  der Taille.

 Dieses besondere Kleid scheint mit funkelnden Ohrringen oder einer  großen Band wunderschön zu sein - be simple style ist eine großartige  Folie für ein paar wundervolle Halsketten. Gesundheitsexperte schnell,  indem Sie einfach das Kleid am Ehering des Königreichs reißen, um in  offene Positionen unterhalb der Pflegejobs zu gelangen.
Sie können  auch die Geschäfte besuchen, die einen Rabatt anbieten, um Ihr  preiswertes Heimkehrkleid zu erhalten. Deinem Heimkehr-Kleid sollten  passende Schmuckstücke und Schuhe folgen. Wählen Sie außerdem eine  Frisur, die zum Kleid passt.
Wenn Sie jemand sind, der sich nach  Aufmerksamkeit sehnt und zuversichtlich ist, etwas wirklich Unfassbares  an sich zu ziehen, können Sie an leuchtendes Rosa oder  Zitronen-Limetten-Smaragdgrün oder sogar an Fuchsien denken. Sie können  auch aus den verschiedenen Retro-Kleidern wählen, die Teil der  Tiffany-Kreationen sind. Die mit hohem Halsausschnitt waren schon immer  ein Favorit. Eine gute Sache über diese Ballkleider ist, dass scheinen,  fast jeden Körpertyp zu passen 
abendkleider für große größen
, groß, schlank, kurvig oder in Übergrößen.


'How do you like that ending Stravinsky?'...

 My latest creation delves into a new realm of post-impressionist composing. The name 'Ame' carries a double meaning...

Inspiration came from a dark place, literally: I could not sleep... So what do I do? Well, just looking up from my pillow and think about unecessary things, as well as getting minor anxiety over how many hours of sleep I am going to get. So, I might as well get my brain working, I thought. I just opened the computer and started writing, and this is the product.

Pokemon Avant

Hey, you know the music that plays with every pokemon movie right at the start with the pokemon logo coming up? "Pokémon Avant". Well I can't music sheets anywhere and I was wondering if someone over here is able to take a look into it. was looking for a marching band kind of arrangement.

If you got any idea's I'll be glad to hear them. :)

Scores not playing when the play button is pressed (seems to be related to default audio)


Many of my older scores that use VideoScores as "Default Audio" no longer play when the user presses the play button. For instance: .

If I go to "Manage Audio", select the VideoScore and uncheck "Default Audio", the score plays normally.

There does not appear to be anything in error with the underlying VideoScore and this feature was working last month. I'm hoping this can fixed on the web-side as I have many scores that are affected by this issue and there is no user remedy for the listener; disabling the "Default Audio" is not an option when custom audio was used.


Could anyone upload this song? Sheet music for it doesn't exist.

in Piano

Sonata Rabidus III is a beautiful piece of piano music written by Ben Hantoot in 2010 (I think) . It's the song that made me want to learn piano, unfortunately there is no MIDI or sheet music for it anywhere.

I don't have the skills to do this myself, though I am trying to learn and I will upload a version if I work it out. It's a really nice song, maybe someone here would like it and might have the skills to write it up. You can hear it in high quality here:
I guess I may as well add another song that is lacking sheet music too. Leave like that by SYML. A much more simple and relaxed piece.

I wish there was a list on this site where people could request songs that aren't currently available.