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Feedback on problems raised.

I raised a couple of problems in this discussion page a week ago, neither of which apparently warranted a response.  The latest release appears to have fixed one of the problems (asterisks and underlines in lyrics) but the other problem with the cursor not following the music remains active. Is there some other place that bugs should be reported in order to get proper feedback and traceability?

Blank screen on opening Musescore on iPhone

Yesterday, I opened Musescore on my iPhone (for the first time for a while - I usually use my iPad) and all I got was a blank screen that I simply had to close.  Having checked my iPad version, I noted the new pdf export message so checked my updates on iPhone and found Musescore had also been updated yesterday on my iPhone. Presumably this blank screen is a problem associated with the latest release on iPhone. Is it caused by a failure of the new release message?

Website Problems

I don’t know if this is a problem for pc users, I use the website on mobile mostly.

Recently, the sheet music hasn’t even been showing when viewing the score. I can’t play the audio either. I’ve given it time to load and refreshed it and everything, but nothing is working. Pls help


Hi guys!

I’m Mitch and I’m new here. I’m not able to make scores because I’m using an iPad without a keyboard, but I want to be as active on the site as possible, like giving feedback and supporting anyone else. Hopefully soon I can hook it up to my family computer.

Favourite band- Pentatonix
Instruments I play - Clarinet and a little bit of piano
Favourite YouTube channels - DanTDM (I like Minecraft ok? 😂) and Superfruit
Hobbies/stuff I do - rugby league, music, drawing, writing

Speaking of writing, I want to write a story centering around a music competition but have no idea of what it should be about. Any ideas?

Thanks for reading!

MuseScore Pro Prices

I've never been quite sure of why the musescore pro account prices 49 USD for a full year but when you want to pay month by month it charges 6.99 USD for each month.  That math doesn't add up, 49/12 is about 4.08, so the monthly payment option should be 4.08 USD a month.  There could also be some other reason for this difference in cash amounts that I myself have not looked into but I'm just confused and also intrigued by this pricing decision.

Si vous ne faites pas attention au coût de la robe

in Piano

Détails de bricolage 
Autres économies que vous pourriez avoir  sur certains détails concernant la préparation de la salle de  réception. Vous pouvez recourir au bricolage pour créer de fabuleuses  cartes de lieu de mariage bricolage, en suivant le thème du mariage  établi et qui donneront également une note personnalisée à  l'environnement. Un autre détail à réaliser avec vos mains pourrait être  les petits cadeaux à donner à vos invités, de sorte que vous obtiendrez  de fantastiques faveurs de mariage originales. 

Revoir la liste des invités
 Si la liste des invités a échappé à vos mains, essayez de la consulter  plusieurs fois afin de pouvoir effectuer un survol plus approfondi. Qui  invite à leur mariage reste toujours l’une des étapes les plus  difficiles à franchir lors de l’organisation d’un mariage. Demandez-vous  simplement ce que les gens ont vraiment besoin d'inviter et ce qui ne  l'est pas 
robes mariée pas chère
, laissant des parents ou des amis éloignés que vous n'avez pas vus depuis des années.