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UPDATE on March challenge!

Hey guys! I can use the playback feature again!
And I’m pretty sure John can too!
That means, that we can finally judge your scores!
So, on Saturday (April 20th), we will give you the results of the March challenge. If you haven’t completed your score, or you wanna make some edits, now is the time. All scores must be submitted by April 19th
Thank you all for being so patient.

Happy composing!


Do you think EA will screw Jedi Fallen Order up?

EA has proven to ruin what could've been a great game multiple times. They don't make it as cool as they built it up to be. And in order to get the full gaming experience of something lots of times you're going to have to spend incredible amounts of money. Now with the release of the New Jedi Fallen Order game coming in November. I'm very skeptical. But EA is working with another company on this game, so I'm not sure how it will turn out. What does everybody think?