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Bagatelle in C(WIP), Feedback wanted

 Here is what I have so far of my bagatelle:

What  do you think? Should the bass line be flushed out? Should I continue  the triplets instead of alternating triplets and no triplets in the B  section? 

Also, I noticed that this happened as I was composing my bagatelle:


I plan on doing it in a simple rondo form with 2 sections in C major and another section in C minor.

After Composing A section:
Wait a second, the end of the A section is not leading me to more C major, it is leading me to F major. Okay, I will do it in a more complex rondo form of ABACABA.

After Composing B section:
Wait a minute, I see multiple motives in here, more in the A section than the B section. Motives often get developed, sometimes extensively like in Beethoven's Fifth. Even with the repeat of the A section after the B section, this feels more like a sonata form than the rondo form that was planned. It is like I am hydridizing your typical bagatelle with the piano sonata. Okay, so I will have a C minor development section and possibly a coda. As long as it doesn't get any longer than 5 minutes, I'm fine with calling it a bagatelle. Maybe I should call it the Sonata Bagatelle since it is in Sonata form. But that might be a confusing title.

 So yeah, what do you think of my bagatelle "Exposition"?

New and Improved Comp

So, 4 years ago when I was a smol 12 year old and first started composing, I wrote this cute little piano piece. Well recently I decided to make a "new and improved" version of it. (and dedicate it to a book character of mine that I hope one day will make it to a movie :P) Let me know what you guys think!  <------ this is the old version  <------- this is the new
If y'all could listen to both and compare them, see which changes you may or may not like.

25 Follower Celebration - New ensemble composition - feedback much appreciated - thank you!

This is a celebratory piece that I wrote as a thank you to my first 25 MuseScore followers. It has some medieval and baroque influences - let me know what you think:
If you enjoy listening to my music please leave me a comment to let me know!
I am so grateful to everyone who has left encouraging and helpful comments on my pieces - it makes such a difference to me and inspires me to write more music to share. :)

Soundfont contest!

If I may, I would like to suggest a contest: Find the worst soundfont you can (MuseScore 1 is acceptable if you don't want to download a new one - just use oboe, accordion, or another really bad-sounding instrument soundfont), then write a short song for it and see if you can make it sound good! It can be for any instrument.

The idea is credit of Benjamin Basford ( - discussion here: The deadline is August 9th, so you have a full month to do it. The judges (me and whoever else would like to be one) can enter but may not judge themselves.

Good luck!