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Drop-down 'Action' (etc.) menus not displaying on the Score Manager page ...

When visiting the Score Manager page from the 'My scores' link on the main drop-down menu, the five Menu headings [Action, Privacy, Created, Desc, 10] are no longer displayed - there is a mostly blank white bar, with only the left-hand check-box and the central "Search" box showing. Re-loading the page does not make any difference. However, if I visit any of the score-pages shown, and then hit 'Back' to return to Score Manager, the Menu bar usually displays correctly. Please will Staff investigate - Thank You !  
I'm using Windows 7 desktop PC and Firefox latest version; and this problem has appeared only in the last few days.

Mixing Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deadline- August 1st 12:00 P.M. US East Coast Time
Prize- Bragging rights and your name at the top of the group and on the song, as well as your audio being used as the default source on the score!
Object- To mix the song "A Moments Peace" that is linked at the bottom of this conversation in an effort to make it more realistic and dramatic.
Judging- The finished project will be judged by me, based on the following point scale.....

                         100 Point Scale                        

50 points- 
Make the instruments sound as realistic as possible, for this I recommend layering or using different samples or sound fonts on top of each other so there is some depth to the sound. (Hint- There will be special attention payed to the strings and harp)
30 points- 
Crescendos, Dynamics, and Effects:
These points are for following the dynamics and markings on the score, while making them more dramatic. Effects such as reverb can be used, although points will not be taken away for lack of these effects, they might just "spice up" your piece enough to propel it to the top!
20 points-
The last twenty points are for faithfulness to the original score, which means that these are pretty much a given unless you made any large instrument changes, or decided to re-write and mix the song as "Don't Stop Believing" instead.....
Although, if by chance, you want to make a change to something like dynamics or instrumentation, please ask because I might just like the idea!!!!

This is a no pressure competition, which I will be judging very leniently. So, take your time, relax, be creative, and remember that if you have any questions about how I might want the piece to sound please ask!!!!!!!!

The score link is here-

People in some countries (like mainland China) usually don't have VISA cards or any other form of paying methods for the pro features. How are we supposed to do with it? Could the developers please add some other paying methods?

It's pretty much explained in the summary. We usually don't have VISA, American Express (that's obvious), or any other card to pay for the pro features. Thus, we aren't able to go pro, nor even get a trial period as that also needs billing details. Could the developers please add some other paying methods, such as AliPay or WeChat payment (hot paying methods in China), and possibly other ones to hopefully make any other person who doesn't have access to VISA convenient to purchase pro features? A million thanks to you.

Forum discussions on my dashboard

I commented in a discussion for the first time recently, and now my dashboard is full of discussions that I haven't even interacted with. It makes it a real pain to check on my comments etc. especially as I went away for a few weeks and came back to a dashboard full of irrelevant stuff. 

Could either 1) someone tell me how to turn off the feature, so that I only see discussions I'm involved in (i.e. this one and that other one I mentioned), or 2) staff work on improving the dashboard? I'd be very grateful for some advice.

Wrong instruments listed in RECENT SCORES, etc

On our pages under Spotlight, Recent Scores and Favorites you have the instruments listed. In my case as well as many others who do not always have a GM compatible lineup, the listed instruments are wrong. Way off, in fact. A work for trombone choir lists a string sextet, trumpet and tuba.  A chamber orchestra lists organ, harmonica, 2 guitars, soprano saxophone, strings, synthesizer, bass and trombone, the latter being the only one correct.
I'm not sure this info is necessary there. If so could it be optional, erased, or changed somehow?
If most folks feel differently, I'll withdraw the request.

On sites of followers I just saw a work for Cl and Pf listed as harmonica and oboe; piano as percussion; piano as harpsichord; a woodwind quintet as 3 pianos, organ and harpsichord (!)
an orchestral work listed a 5 organs, 6 pianos, 17 percussion, 4 more keyboards, accordion, harmonica...get the picture?

My work always ends up with a few guitars and a harmonica. I wrote for ballet; not Hee-Haw. The only ones correct are my songs (voice, piano).