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[Resolved] Cannot connect to YouTube Account


I closed my Pro account last month and opened a free account instead (Mike Magatagan [Stimpy@Fan.Net]). I tried to associate the new account to my YouTube account but I receive the message: 

The YouTube channel Mike Magatagan is already connected with another MuseScore account. Upgrade to MuseScore Pro
to connect multiple MuseScore accounts to the same YouTube channel.”

Would you please remove any and all associations with my previous Pro account.
Thank you 

Musescore update 2.4.5

This update got auto-installed on 26-Sep, but the Mixer functionality now seems broken. Previously if I load a score into my library and set the mixer to subdue volume on other parts, mixer settings are retained even when re-loading another day. Version 2.4.5 resets mixer settings immediately on leaving the mixer menu so it is now impossible to amplify any part above any other. Fix please?