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version 2.4.14 some issue and suggest

CKJ font
score contain any one CKJ font is loading very slow!
the change of core cause very slow CKJ font loading.
To load my 20+ pages vocal score contain many chinese word really take a very long time to cause i do not want to change touse the new musescore app. I still use the previous version and try the new core for waiting when to solve the slow loading problem.
Maybe use PC or cloud service to pre-run the rendering file and load it.

UI tweak
A4 pageview on/off need make the button color change or make a switch for it

open file in songbook
the add file in app do not work
but use file manager app is OK
this problem do not fix for a long time

need a scroll bar on page percent to fast change pages if score has many pages
swiping is slow and sometimes fail to change page
and also show (jump to page number)/(all page number)

'This item is temporarily unavailable' when trying to add MSCZ score to MuseScore Android 2.4.12 SongBook

I have version 2.4.12 of MuseScore on Android and I receive .mscz files from a friend who generates them using the latest non-Android version of MuseScore (probably Windows). I'm unable to add the last file (that I received a couple of days ago) to my Android SongBook. I've had many previous .mscz files that I've added and used successfully.

These are the steps I take:

* Start MuseScore
* Login (if asked)
* Select Library
* Select SongBook
* Tap '+' in top right corner
* Navigate to the folder containing the .mscz file(s)
* Tap the file I want
* Message 'Copying' is shown
* Message 'Opening' is shown
* Blank screen is shown (except for navigation / control options along the bottom of the screen)
* Tap 'back' button or choose back arrow in top left
* Library screen is shown (NOT SongBook screen)
* Select SongBook again
* SongBook shows an entry that is just a number (no score title)
* Tap the entry and message 'This item is temporarily unavailable' is shown
* Library screen is shown again

I tried starting from scratch (i.e. deleting app cache and deleting app data) which, of course, removed all my existing SongBook entries (I knew this would happen as I've been through this process previously in June - but it all worked that time!). However, now I find I can't add ANY of my .mscz files as I get the problem described above.

OK, in trying to resolve the initial problem it seems I might have inadvertently shot myself in the foot as I've lost all my existing SongBook entries and I can't re-add them now!

Nevertheless, the problem remains - why can I no longer add any .mscz file to my SongBook?

Thank you for any resolution.

Bogus claims that scores are not related to public domain works

I have gotten notification by e-mail that my scores and These scores are almost exact copies of public domain scores and were correctly identified. Please to changing them to non- public domain.

Planning to retire Group of Groups

Hello, all! Since Phia_Jo left, and I haven't found time to update this group myself, I'm considering closing the Group of Groups. That said, if you guys still find this useful, I'll keep it up. But I'd like to know that, otherwise it's just another dead group. Comment below if you'd like it to remain, otherwise I'll close it in a month or so. Thanks!