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Search bar is broken

so i searched a couple things:
my own name
and some of my songs.

On my own name searched other people's stuff pop up too (Not saying I don't like those songs just if someone searches my name I feel like my stuff should be on the top, not someone elses, especially since my username is so unique). 

I also searched for my second released song "I Am With You" and there were no songs in the search bar actually title "I Am With You" for the first seven pieces. Then my piece showed up.

Make something about spam descriptions!

Make something with this kind of pages:

They are clearly spam description with the aim of showing those post on almost all searches people make. And when 2-3 of this posts turn out in search results they also make the website load slow, it takes like 5-6 seconds until the page is fully loaded.

Please edit them, or put a limit to the number of characters people can use in descriptions.

Delete Conversation Feature

I realize that the messaging (PM) is simply a beta version right now, so now is a great time to suggest the enabling of each user to delete conversations with other users.  This would be especially useful when conversations become outdated, unwanted, or when the other person deletes their account.  When a conversation is over, one should have the ability to choose whether or not to keep it around as useless clutter, also making other conversations slightly harder to keep track of.  This would be the number one improvement for me right now as a regular user.

New group for posting status and product updates (new chat restrictions also mentioned below)


Today we’ve created a new group (in fact, changed the old one), specifically for announcing new product updates or current statuses if something happens.

We’d like to separate MuseScorer's suggestions/discussions about the future of Musescore and the information about our product releases. I think it will be more helpful for us and for users.

The "MuseScore Updates and Statuses" group is available here:  
Join it to be informed about all changes on the platform. 

P.S. Today we’ve limited personal messages for new users. Full information can be found in the top post in the group.

Chats number for new users has been limited.

Hi! Today we’ve added a new private messages restriction due to the spam issue. Now every new MuseScorer can create only 3 new chats per day. Existing users who registered more than 1 month ago won't experience any private messages limitations.

I hope this restriction will not cause problems for the community, but will actually help us to avoid spam in PMs.

Competition No.3 - We Have CONFUSION!

 Thanks for voting, everyone! We got over 50 responses! However, there seems to be a bit of a problem...
A user named Thomas BU had submitted a piece imitating Scott Joplin. When voting started, he advertised his piece in multiple groups, encouraging everyone to vote for him. I hadn't stated any rules about promoting yourself, so I just let it go. However, his piece ended up getting over 60% of the votes. Also, many of those 50+ votes seem to be connected with non-existent MuseScore users (although, strangely, some of the fake accounts voted for pieces other than Thomas BU's).
To make it even more confusing, Thomas BU has deleted his account and his original entry comment.

I'm unsure as to what to do now, so definitely give me ideas.
I am sorry it ended up like this, and I'll try to prevent it in future contests.

You can view the complete results if you use this link:

Notifications seem broken

I have received several popup notifications this morning, that seemed to be people subscribing to my updates or commenting on my scores.  But when i click on them, I get an error message about the server not being found -- there seems to be an invalid url in the notification, and none of them show up in my "bell" page.