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A rating system is desperately needed

I search for an arrangement of a popular piece and I am overwhelmed with results:

- Half are just garbage or low effort attempts.
- Some are reasonable arrangements but still miss the mark
- Many are duplicates of another user's submission with slight modifications
- Finally(!), there will be 1 or 2 excellent arrangements

As the popularity of Musescore's online hub increases (this is a good thing!), there absolutely NEEDS to be a system to rate and sort content. Sorting by "Relevance" seems to return results based on views (and maybe favorite counts?) which rather arbitrarily promotes whatever submission is oldest. If it wasn't for the thumbnail pictures giving me a good visual clue of the quality of the piece, I would rarely search for sheet music on this site.

The current Favorites feature is great, but just because I like a piece or think it worthy of promotion doesn't mean I want it saved to my Profile. As a result, I use the Favorite button sparingly, as it should be. A ratings system, separate from Favorites, needs to be implemented.

A ratings system!

I see that this topic comes up periodically, and the usual discussions ensue over whether negative feedback (e.g. thumbs down, 1 star, etc) is against the spirit of the site and so on... but regardless of implementation, can we all agree that this site will soon become near unusable as a content-finding platform without some type of ratings system?

Youtube audio not working

Whenever I try to update my scores by trying to play the youtube audio over them it says there's a playback error and nothing loads. Is this happening for everyone or have I just done something wrong? This has never happened before.

But why do we have to make a youtube video in order to put the new audio over the musescore generated one? Why can't we just upload an mp3?

Important! Please Read!

 I will be on Vacation from June 5th to June 15th, and then from June 16th to June 21st, and then for the last trip June 22nd to June 29th. I will make The_Real_Icy_Hot Admin temporarily. The_Real_Icy_Hot, you may invite any people you want and for membership requests please say yes to them all. If I see you doing anything bad I will kick you out from the group when I'm back. 

Play panel

Is there any way of seeing a smaller/plainer Play Panel which only shows the duration of the piece? The numbers were bigger in Musescore 2 and easier to read. I only use play Panel to check where I am in the duration of a piece. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. 

Feature Request: Add ability to solo non-GM presets in online mixer

As pertaining my bug report (, the online player's mixer is unable to properly solo non-GM percussion presets found in Musescore's default soundfont.  The player's solo function is limited to the GM (General Midi) presets associated with channel 10 (e.g., Standard Kit). Please consider improving the mixer so that it handle all of default percussion-related presets (e.g., Marching Tenor Drum) in Musescore's default soundfont. Being limited to the Standard or Orchestral Kit, for example, is fairly restrictive.

Synthesizer doen't play the right octave for the tenor voice


Hello everybody

When I play this scores with the synthesizer on the smartphone app, the tenor voice is one octave too low.
If I play it on the Computer with the synthesizer, this problem doesn’t occur. What can I do that the tenor is played on the right ocatve with the smartphone app ?
The grading key for the tenor ist he right one, so this is not the problem.

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