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Could anyone please help me a little bit?

I'm trying to transcribe a song but I'm really new at this and don't have much experience yet.

I'm not sure in which time signature should I write this. Whenever I choose one and start to write in it, the same melody always starts on different beat (if you get what I mean) and I don't think that's how it's supposed be.


So I would be really thankful if anyone could take few minutes and help me.
Mrs Creep

What is your composition style and who inspires you?

The composer that influenced me the most is definitely Claude Debussy. I compose in an impressionistic style, which means that my pieces evoke imagery and a sense of story when listening, with some unique chords and controlled dissonance.

Some other compositional styles (not all of them, but some general ones):

Baroque - very structured, rule-abiding, very much single note voices, court dances.
Classical - sonata, orchestral pieces, structured and with set phrases, repetition and controlled expression.
Romantic - feeling-evoking, dramatic, freedom of expression, strong and contrasting note choices.
Impressionistic - image-evoking, a flowing and free tone, more dissonance, more chord choices.
Contemporary, modern, post-modern - jazz, blues, rag, that kinda music, lots of dissonance
Popular/good sounding - repetitive chord structure, very easy to listen to
Technical - compose for the purpose of exercising the fingers