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"PDF including parts" download does not seem to update

I don't know how the "PDF including parts" PDFs are created, but I tried downloading it after my latest upload and noticed that it isn't any different from the first time I clicked it a while back.    Are these PDFs perhaps generated in scheduled batches or as processing on the server comes available?   As a note, the Download PDF PDF with just the score does show the changes I'd made.  I uploaded the score using the "Save Online..." option using, 

Thanks in advance for any information!


MuseScore and Iphone 5SE - bug with the loop function

Using MuseScore 2.1.9 on my Iphone 5SE : Playing a long score file  attached but also included in the 5 scores of "my score", I try to  create a loop. All is OK when it concerns the first part of the score  but if the loop start near the end of the score it is impossible to  create the loop ; the starting point became the last point.
I think it is a bug, pleace check this event.

Bends Displaying Oddly

 The last four bends on the staff aren't being displayed correctly. The first one looks the way it should, as do the ones on the tab but the others don't.
I've just started using 3.0.4 to write guitar parts. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
BTW, the program did crash right before this started happening. Could the file be corrupted? 

Can’t Log In and Page Not Found

Sometimes when I try and log in, it doesn’t work, my username and password is correct and everything, but the ‘log in’ button is grey instead of blue so I can’t log in. I try closing the tab and re opening the website but it doesn’t work.

Also, when I search up a song, sometimes it says that the page is not found and when I try refreshing or going back it still says that the page is not found. I know that the song definitely exists as I have searched it up before. Closing and reopening the tab also doesn’t work.

Musescore 3 slow


I installed Musescore 3, and find that it slows down enormously when working with scores/ composing. Note input is slow, marking measures is slow, between my input and the result is a short time lapse. I did not have that in Musescore 2. I have reinstalled Musescore 2, but now I cannot open my Musescore 3 files. Is there a solution for this?