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Android MuseScore app fails to open MuseScore files

The MuseScore app (with the integrated Songbook functionality) fails to open MuseScore files (e.g. on the file system or as e-mail attachments). The MuseScore app is simply not suggested as an app to open a .mscz file with.

Any other users having issues with this?

The good old MuseScore Songbook app (not available anymore for new users) doesn't have any problems with that on my Android devices.


February Winner - J.T Edgar: "Ride of the Dota - Epic Orchestral"
2nd place: marcus1000: "Something..."
3rd place: EthanHarris: "Jaybird"

March Winner - P.Nicolaou: "Wattle Bloom"
2nd place: G.B. Wanscher: "Né'Alhru'unduun'yeh - Arrangement for Jay and Jhon's March Challenge"
3rd place: Keystring Composer: "Spring - The Awakening"

May Winner - __________________________________________________
2nd place:
3rd place:


Some changes are in effect for making this group better, and more rewarding for our competitors and winners!

1. We will be providing feed back for each score instead of only 1st place winner to specify strengths and weaknesses in your scores for future reference. 

2. We will be keeping a list of JAY and JOHN'S CHALLENGES' winners in a separate discussion as a "WALL OF FAME" for recognition of first place winners, as well as 2nd place and 3rd place winners!

Also Jay and I are reviewing your scores to decide the final winner this Saturday! And trust me when I say, it's not an easy decision. xD Thanks everyone!

-John & Jay

Bananas or Plantains

The Question. Which one do you like better, or do you like both? Also if you cook them or eat them in a special way we'd all love to know!

So, for me, I always thought bananas were the best.. Until my aunt introduced me to a food she used to eat in her home country. Fried plantain! OMG, It was sooo good. Especially with small steak slices!! I now like both Bananas and Plantains equally :D

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