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I don't know what it is, but strangely enough, on my computer, Lyrics take forever to load. I'm running windows 10, and the music loads just fine, but If I'm writing in lyrics for a choral piece it takes forever. three words can take upwards on a minute, which can be terrible for longer pieces with a full choir.

Audio Sources

Hey there,
I wondered about why did Musescore choose only YouTube as a hub for hosting audio source videos. Why wouldn't they use another one like Soundcloud...? I think it could improve for example the loading time at the beginning (the videos on YouTube need a lot of internet connexion in general).
If we could have the possibility to switch between different hubs, that's would be really convenient.

But after I don't know the constraints generated like permissions or else...

Method of choosing MuseScorer of the Month?

I get the impression that the choosing of MuseScorer of the Month depends too heavily on follower count. I would say if anything, we should go for people with fewer followers, so they can be recognized. I know some people with under 200 followers who deserve more recognition.
Also, I'm wondering what else there is to it? I really like to know how things work, but if it's not supposed to be publicized how it works, that's fine, I guess.
Anyway, just suggesting that we give the spotlight to someone who doesn't already have a bunch of followers. Right? (Even though I myself rather recently hit the 200 follower mark...)

Advanced Search For Groups

I understand if I go to - -
I am able to search groups only by name -
would be nice to have more options, such as ordering the -
search by -
- number of members -
- strings/singing/etc. -
- number of sheets tagged to the group -
- date of creation (which I think does automatically from new to older, but what if I want to find a group created 3 years ago?) -
- last activity (i.e. putting dead groups at the end of the -
research) -
- etc.

Thank You

Note regarding the Musescore group

Note regarding the Musescore group:

Hello, while wandering around in my groups, I noticed that I am also a member of the above group. I wanted to ask the extent to which there are contacts to this group because I find it important that all groups in which problems and FAQs are discussed should be interlinked! So it would not be hundreds or the vulture knows how many groups there are ... Perhaps a diplomatic solution can be found!

Problems with dynamic markings...

Hello everyone,

So recently I uploaded the first movement of my first symphony, -- --
and I have to say, Musescore did an excellent job of bringing it to life. Unfortunately, while I was editing the score, I found some problems with the dynamic markings. Quite frequently when I moved the dynamic markings to their respective places on the score, they were on the staff of the instrument below the one I was trying to put the dynamic markings on. It was a pain dragging all the dynamics back up to the respective staff because of lag from the large file, and spacers didn't help because the marking still corresponded to the below staff when I used the spacers. Furthermore, sometimes the dynamic marking appeared twice on the staff- I was sure of this when I checked to make sure I wasn't clicking the palate more than enough times- so I had do delete the extra marking.
To extend in the topic, I also had problems with the crescendo and decrescendo line markings. Whenever I put those line markings down, I often right-clicked on them and clicked "edit element" to extend the marking to where I wanted it to begin and end. But sometimes, whenever I played the score where the line markings were, they ended up moving back a measure on their own, and it was just a mess. On some of them I couldn't drag them back no matter what I tried, so some of the line markings on the score are permanently moved back a measure or two.
Thanks so much in advance for the help on this, and Musescore is BY FAR the best notation software out there.

God bless All,

Musescore Chat

Hey guys,
I think you probably already thought on this one, but why not a chat here in musescore between members? Maybe this could be done with people adding someone as a "friend" - something like Facebook, actually, not original, but very handy to get quick answers and create a stronger community. What do you think?

Why I`m using MuseScore??? - A personal statement from me for the MuseScore bosses

I use MuseScore because I use this program to find scores that I like. I network with other users, give "Likes", leave comments, give subscriptions ... MuseScore is a very well thought-out platform for music lovers and also for composers and arrangers, who find music important. Because music transports feelings and depending on the way you play, you will have an influence on the thoughts and feelings of the listeners. MuseScore is a recommended and future-oriented program. The interface is great.

Please help me!!!

I had a comment of a guy called qwertyqwertyqwertyqwertyqwertyqwerty. He wrote some dirty words and I wanted to delete his comment. But when I do it, the comment disappears but I still can see his name and his avatar!! :
I'm writing a music, I'm waiting for comment about the music and not something else, and less
some bad things!...:/

Please can you tell me what is happening or delete the comment!?