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Trascription requests and volunteers

This discussion is to be used for requesting specific pieces to be transcribed to MuseScore for the purpose of being converted to Braille. Feel free to ask for anything that is not under copyright. Requests for copyright scores cannot be currently honored through this site. Any requests for copyright materials will be deleted without comment.

This is also the place to volunteer to do these transcriptions. If you have a transcription that you think would be usable for Braille conversion, or would like to fulfill a request, please let us know here. That will help to prevent multiple people working on the same transcription.

If you volunteer to do a transcription, please drop me an e-mail also. I would like to be able to communicate with you during the process and be available to answer any questions you might have.

Musescore Piano roll compared to Synthesia app (Mac, PC, Android, iOs)

The piano roll feature seems to be inspired by Synthesia (orginally Piano Hero) which has been around since 2006.

Synthesia is a seasoned practice app for pianists. One simply connects a MIDI keyboard/digital piano via USB to a device (Mac, PC, Android, iOs).  The key feature is that one can take any MIDI file, even multi-track files, and open it in Synthesia and pick the track(s) one would like to practice, and set Synthesia to wait until the correct keys are played before advancing the score.

See more at 

Synthesia and Musescore Desktop is a great combo, and Musescore’s export to MIDI shines!

Side Panel

I think Musescore should have a side panel like Youtube for similar scores. Also on the Browse Page I think Musescore should have a category for scores that are trending - based on how popular they are. Just an idea. 
Sometimes it seems that the only way to publicize your songs is to make a hundred discussions. This might be a way to deal with that frustrating problem.

Every Negative Action Should Be Confirmed by "Are you sure you want to X" Warning

This is an extension to the discussion

Negative Actions:

Leaving a Group
Unfavoriting a Score
Unsubscribing From a User
Deleting a Comment
Reporting Spam

There are probably a few more that I cannot recall at the moment. Right now it is very easy to unintentionally perform a negative action. 

I unintentinoalliy unsubscribed (at least) twice and only later when notice I did not follow a user who I was sure I had followed before I realized what I did. 
I unintentionally deleted (a positive) comment to one of my scores.
I am afraid I might have reported a spam a few days ago when reply to a discussion button was added and the only option in the menu was Report spam. 

I cannot be the only clumsy person on this site. Things like that did happen to others. A confirmation message before execution of negative actions would improve general MuseScore user experience. 

wonky stats?

the stats appear to be jumping around again... 
on previous occasions i noticed that the downloads would spike for a few days. (never got more than hypotheses about what was going on.) now i have my latest score racking up views faster than any before (it's currently number 9 out of >110 scores after less than two days). i know that there was just a change in the notifications about followers uploading a new score, but i can't imagine this explains all of this sudden supposed traffic. (if so, then i guess i shan't complain further and just say thanks for listening.)