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Scrolling playback

The feature I'd like to see is the option to have a side scrolling playback rather than the page view. This would allow the larger font sizes to be more useful.

Right now, I experience a slight delay in page turns during playback. If anything, it would be better if they came slightly early.


Hey there! I want to first start off by saying I absolutely love the new MuseScore Drumline Extension! It is amazing! One thing I have noticed, and think should possibly be adjusted sometime in the future, would be a better front ensemble update. I write for indoor drumline and I would love it if the front ensemble sounded a little bit more realistic. I understand that this is mainly a marching percussion update, however I think it would be amazing if things were changed up a bit. I'm sure a lot of other users would be happy too!

Marimba deadstrokes (hard / soft mallets?)
Pedal vibes
Finger cymbals
Suspended cymbals / chokes
Gong / gong roll
(Hard / soft mallets for battery?)
Bowed crotales
Bowed cymbal
Bowed vibes
Various tribal drums
Loop wind chimes
More sound effects (wind, rain, thunder, etc.)
More synth settings

Anyway, that's all! Thanks so much! 💙

Musescore Updates Never Available At iOS 12...

The only way I know that there is a new Musescore "update" at my iOS 12.... (presently 12.1.1) is because I know it from my iOS 10.1.3 at my old iPad. At the new iPad I never!!! did get any update. So the only way to test the new update it is by deleting Musescore and downloading it again from iCloud. (Remember I don't update my old iPad to keep my precious version 1.13 alive). Then the new update will be installed but then also all Songbook data is lost again which unacceptable anyway. Latest Musescore version 2.1.10-15 jan.

Score font Style Changed

I made scores using Musescore 2. But after updating to Musescrore 3, I am facing some issues with my old scores, like Title font changed, Composer text i placed in center below Title but now it comes on top left side and size decreased.

So please help, how can i retrieve same style of my old score in musescore3??

Long score, having trouble uploading.

I'm trying to upload a piece that I've been working on for a few weeks, and it is having trouble uploading. I've tried twice and both times they "processed" for 2-3 hours and then said "page not found." The piece is 419 measures long which makes me think that is a factor, but I'm not sure. Can anyone direct me? 
Link to the score:

Stupid question

Hi everybody, I'm doing a big band arrangement, and have got my head round most of the MuseScore features I need. But what I would like to do, and I'm sure it must be possible, is find a way to insert the same text in every instrument's part for a given bar. eg 'cadenza'. At the moment I use the chord notation function - cntrl K - and repeat for every part. But I'm sure there must be a way to input the text once only, and have it appear in every part. What am I missing? 

Chords Over Rests

I recently downloaded the latest version. I was enjoying a lot of the new features, but one thing I found to be INCREDIBLY irritating.

Let's say there are 2 eighth rests next to each other and I want to put a chord over each one. The chords do NOT snap into place and the rests do NOT move in order to accommodate the chord. Instead the chords stack on top of one another. The same thing happens if I want to put a chord over a rest and there is a NOTE next to it that I want to put a chord over. 

This does not happen when the chords are placed over notes, but it does happen whenever I put a chord over a rest. It is only a problem when I want to put more than one chord in a measure, but I do this fairly frequently.

Anyone have a fix? Thanks! 

XML-File for PianoMarvel

I try to practice piano with the Piano Marvel program.

The program needs XML files.

What I have done

- I created a file in Musicsore
- I put the fingerings over the notes
- I export the file as * .musicxml and * .mxl

Problem in "Pianomarvel"

- The fingerings are not directly above the notes.
- The fingerings are above the staff line.
   (The stems cover the fingerings)
- The fingerings for the proposal notes are missing.

- I exported the mxl and musicxml after"Final Notepad"
- In Finale Notepad I saved this again as an xml file.

Result in "PianoMarvel":
- The fingerings are correctly above the note OK.
- The fingerings of the proposal notes are missing.

I would be grateful for any help.